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Before starting a higher education course, it is interesting to know the activities carried out in the career to be pursued. The accountant, for example, is responsible for identifying, analyzing and determining the impact of financial transactions on an institution’s equity.To do this properly, he needs to have knowledge of economics, finance, taxation and organizational culture. In addition, it must show ability to decide under pressure. Currently, the responsible companies do not make investments without considering the accounting data. You can also opt for the intern hongkong here.

This is one of the factors that show how important an accountant is in the current scenario. With the technological advancement, this professional started to exercise a function of consultant of the corporations. One reason is that many tasks issuing invoices, for example have been automated, making the business view more valuable than bureaucratic procedures.

After doing an accounting internship, finishing higher education and completing specializations, it is possible to perform several actions in the corporate world, such as:

  • Tax audit;
  • Tax consultancy;
  • Teaching at colleges and universities;
  • Entrepreneurship (opening of an accounting office);
  • Accounting expertise;
  • Self-employment.

Regardless of the chosen area, the accountant needs to acquire professional and personal skills to achieve success.


The acquisition of knowledge through qualifications (postgraduate, masters, etc.) is an important differential in the career. It is also recommended to participate in events (extension courses, seminars and congresses) that focus on the exchange of experiences and information.


Ethical stance is another requirement that is highly valued by corporations today. Treating customer information accurately is a decisive step for a professional to gain confidence and credibility.

Mastery of new technologies

The digital accounting is a trend that can no longer be ignored by those working in the sector. If there is no knowledge about the most suitable systems to perform the services, you will make room for competitors to be in more favorable conditions when searching for customers.

Behavioral skills

There is no point in obtaining a high knowledge of legislation and technological tools if you do not work as a team. For this reason, an accountant must adopt the ability to listen, good interpersonal relationships, maturity to live with opposing opinions, empathy and emotional balance as work procedures.

For a professional to stand out, it is worth improving his leadership skills. In other words, to convince the other members of a group that the solution adopted is the best one to achieve the goals and provide a high level of service to the target audience.

Personal and professional characteristics become more visible if you adopt personal marketing procedures to gain the admiration of those around you. At the accounting stage, it is interesting to use this procedure to build a positive image.

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