What Are The Pros & Cons of Lab Diamonds?


Lab-grown diamonds are 100% real. Yes! A lot of people are skeptical about these diamonds, but they are absolutely pure and offer the best appeal to everyone who wears them. A naked eye will never be able to detect the difference between a lab-grown and mined diamond. A fairly new innovation which has surfaced in the last few decades, lab-grown diamonds are very popular in 2021. People are shifting their focus from the mined diamond industry and slowly accepting lab-grown diamonds globally.

If you are wondering whether you should spend your money on a lab-grown diamond, then it goes without saying that you should. It can be a great investment for you. However, before you buy a lab-grown diamond, here are some crucial pros & cons of these diamonds.

Pros of Lab-grown Diamonds

Here are the top reasons why lab grown diamonds can be a great investment for you –

  • Lab-grown diamonds don’t need to be mined, which leads to the damage of the environment and puts workers in dangerous or unhygienic conditions. Although certification such as the Kimberley Process helps determine the source of diamonds, it does not consider human rights factors. Despite the industry’s vigorous efforts in the past decade, violence and child labor still affect some mining industries.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are 30% – 40% cheaper than natural diamonds of similar size, color and clarity. Because these diamonds have almost the same makeup, in the past five years, lab-grown diamonds have become very popular, and even natural diamond corporations like DeBeers have joined the lab-grown game.
  • Lab-grown diamonds offer better and purer composition when compared to mined diamonds. Since these are made in the laboratory, the quality can be controlled for offering a better result. Also, when you are shopping for a lab-grown diamond, it is easier for you to get your desired shape and size since these diamonds are personalized.

Cons of Lab-grown Diamonds

Just like everything else, lab-grown diamonds also have a few cons as well. Here they are –

  • Mining natural diamonds is becoming more and more difficult and expensive, which means that prices continue to increase. On the other hand, there are no restrictions on the supply of diamonds grown in the laboratory. Although this sounds great for the laboratory planting industry, it may cause problems in the long run. The price of lab-grown diamonds will continue to decrease, which will affect the resale value and make it very difficult to upgrade in the future.
  • When you buy natural diamonds, your money will support those who rely on mining for their livelihood. The Diamond Producers Association, has reported that the diamond mining generates an approximate of $4 billion in revenue for employees and $6.8 billion in revenue via the economic ripple effect of its communities. So, it helps the people to earn money.

These are the top pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds you should be aware of. Check out lab made diamonds blog and learn more.

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