5 Unique and Personalized Wedding Gifts for Guests


Gifting is an age-old tradition we all practice for a long time now. Gifting for a wedding has been receiving more attention from the guests and the couple. Couples have started to receive more innovative gifts from their friends and families. Guests have begun choosing specialized wedding gifts for the betterment of the couples, choosing them wisely to cater to the needs of the couples over anything else. This is appreciable. Parallely, couples also love to show gratitude to their guests through the return gifts, trying to gift something innovative and special at the same time . Now that we have come to a point where the couples have a tough time choosing the most appropriate return gift to give back to their guests leaving an indelible memory. Here are 5 unique and personalised wedding gifts for the guests the couples can consider gifting back to their guests.

Gift Cards

Gift cards have become a very convenient option for both couples and guests to create and receive. It is very easy to gift one in no time; with concerns about the validity a gift card consists, it is easy for the guests to purchase something of their choice, whenever they please. We can partner with brands to do this as well. Usually, wedding guests expect the wedding return gifts to be unique.  The guests get to buy whatever they wish from the store, this will be a memorable experience for them.

Vacation Vouchers

Who says no to a vacation? Everyone enjoys getting away from their daily routine to relax their mind for some time and have a memorable vacation. Imagine getting travel/ vacation vouchers as  return wedding gifts! Won’t that make your day? Many online websites provide vacation discount vouchers as wedding return gifts to their clients. But it’s better to check if this is feasible enough to provide as a standard return gift for everyone who attends the wedding otherwise, it’s advised to gift such holiday packages to the closed circle alone.

Discount vouchers

Vouchers don’t have to be only for shopping or for traveling, it can be for services like Spa/Salon or something like Netflix, Amazon Prime vouchers, etc which will be exciting for the guests to receive. Couples who run a business or are associated with these brands can collaborate accordingly and present wedding gift to their guests with some surprising discount vouchers.

Wedding instant photo

This is a budget-friendly wedding gift option that is going to instantly create a lasting impression in the form of a printed photo of the memory of attending the wedding. it’s very conservative for the couple to acquire a copy of the wedding photos in the album but what about the guests? Don’t they also deserve a copy of pictures taken on this beautiful day?! So to cater to this, a wedding gift of capturing and returning a copy of the pictures in which they are present, will be a sweet gesture which will express the couple’s gratitude most promptly to their guests. The only hassle here is get these photos printed and gifted quickly to the right guests,  It definity is worth a try.

Personalised gourmet and Sweetbox with a special thank you note.

It’s occasional to receive sweet boxes for every celebration from our colleagues, friends, and family; as a return gift, it sets an impression of sending gratitude to our guests in a more formal and personalised way by including a cute thank you note inside it with the guest’s names handwritten  making it special and distinct.

These are some of our suggestions for unique and personalised gift ideas for wedding guests to you to leave a lasting and exceptional mark of gifting.

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