Want to Drift Your RC Car? Use These Easy Tricks


Drifting is an amazing driving technique that wheel lovers will tell you about. If you want to drift, you need smooth tires and a smooth surface. However, the technique requires specific skills. RC drift cars are specifically created for drifting but if you don’t own one of these, you can still enjoy drifting. It is still possible to do those impressive drifts using various tricks. The following are simple tricks to apply if you want successful drifts.

  1. Choose the Surface

As mentioned earlier, proper drifting depends on the surface and the tires. You need to ensure the surface you select has no barriers and low friction. If you want a successful drift, avoid doing it on the carpet. The surface is not smooth and produces a lot of friction. So, whether you are drifting inside or outside, it is important to use smooth surfaces. Avoid places like mud, sand, sidewalks, and such. Such surfaces will only make it difficult for you to drift. Choose surfaces like tiles and hardwood. They are smooth and produce less friction. Additionally, for long, fast, and smooth drifts, choose a flat surface with few connecting panels.

  1. Select the Right Tires

The tires are other elements that determine how good you can drift. Remember, drifting will only work well in the absence of friction. So, you need to make sure you eliminate this aspect y purchasing the right tires specifically designed to drift. The drift tires are durable and do not create friction when used on smooth surfaces. However, this option is expensive. The good thing is that you can also use the normal tires as long as you make them smooth and use a smooth surface. There are also various adjustments you can do on the tires to make them easy to drift.

  1. Focus On The Car Build

Apart from installing smooth tires and using smooth surfaces, you can also work on the framework of your car. You need to know how you can modify the structure of your car to make it possible to drift. It is all about lowering the center of gravity. So, you need to make sure the battery and motor are closer to the ground. The maker can modify the chassis to make it easy to drift. Before taking your car for modification, you need to learn about the framework and what needs to be done. You need to know what makes RC cars drift well and the simple features that do the job. For instance, you need shock dampers that improve control and help the car to maintain a safe temperature. Consider that drifting overworks the motor, and without safe controls, the motor might end up heating up.


Before you start on these tricks, you must first understand what improves drifting in an RC car. This way, you will understand why you need to change the tires and look for a smooth surface. By focusing on your car’s framework, changing tires, and choosing smooth surfaces, you can get a consistent drift. So, use these basic tips to know how to execute the best drifts.

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