The ultimate guide to keeping your property valuable


Being a homeowner is an amazing achievement. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that you need to keep that property in good condition if you’re planning to move again. There are a few ways of doing this, from a couple of simple room conversions to more long-term ideas like splitting your property into flats. This is the ultimate guide to keeping your property value high.

Split it into flats

One of the best things you can do is split your property into flats. This is a great way to keep your mortgage down and make some money from it in the future. Obviously, this will involve a lot of work and planning, but it’s completely worth it.

If this is something you can afford, you may need to contact property management Washington DC or somewhere else in the country, dependent on where you are located, to get someone to effectively manage the new units. This is another expense on top of the money you’re going to have to put in, but it will pay off.

Add another floor

If you don’t want to go for the full flat conversion, you could always just add an extra floor to your house. Again, this is great for keeping your mortgage down, and it will still give you some money at a later date when that second floor is rented out. Just remember that planning permission might be necessary, so it’s best to look into that first.

Convert the loft

If you already have a second floor, then there’s no need to do anything too different. Simply convert the loft and turn it into something usable. This could be turned into a playroom or just an extra bedroom – whatever works for your house. The possibilities are endless.

Convert the cellar

If your house doesn’t have a second floor, your next best bet is turning the cellar into something usable. This can be turned into an extra bedroom, or it could even become another living area. It’s up to you and how much work you want to put in.

Convert your garage

Garages are normally only there to house your car, but they can be made into something much more useful if you put the effort in. In addition, a modern garage conversion is normally a lot nicer than many of the older conversions that come with older houses, so this could actually raise the value of your property immediately.

Extend your kitchen

Extending your kitchen is one of the best ways to raise the value of your house. Even if it’s just a small extension, this can be enough to really set you apart from the competition. It also makes your life easier as well as gives you more room for storage.

Remodel the garden

If you have a nice garden, but it’s just not living up to its potential, then you should probably think about remodeling it. This is another great way of bringing in extra money to your house while also making things more enjoyable for everyone that comes inside. If you want to be especially clever about this, you could turn the outside space into a place to hold barbecues or parties.

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