Various Institutions Where Windsocks are Used


The main reason why a windsock is used is to tell the direction of the wind and its speed. Its use has been applied in multiple fields, for various reasons. The sock is tied on a pole, to ensure proper usage and correct results. It is easy to choose from a wide range of windsocks UK suppliers offer, as there are multiple manufacturers.

The windsock is used in various fields. Here are some areas where you are likely to find a windsock in use.

Chemical facilities

Any plant or facility dealing with harsh chemicals normally uses a windsock. Such facilities are located near farms or homes. In most cases, the chemical might be carried by the wind. In order to avoid this risk, the use of a windsock is used, to know the speed and direction of the wind. In case of any threat, they are able to stop the chemical hazard.

Wind speed for weather valuation

Windsocks are also used for multiple transport modes. They include highways, motorways, seaports, and in mountainous regions. Depending on the speed of the wind, it will help to determine the weather conditions. This includes any predicted rain, snow, and much more.


Aviation institutions also use windsocks. This is to measure the direction and speed of the wind. They are used on airport runways, as they help the pilots to ensure safe landing and takeoff. Landing and takeoff are affected by velocity and the direction of the wind.

Golf courses

Windsocks are also used by golfers. They need to be in bright and contrasting colours. This helps in making them easy to notice, even from a long distance. In this case, also, they are used for measuring the speed and direction of the wind, to help gauge making a shot. These are factors that affect the accuracy of any shot. This is mainly because the wind will affect the speed at which the ball travels through the air.


Application of herbicides and other farming chemicals are also affected by wind. Knowledge of this, especially in large-scale farming, is very important. This is because it is done with the help of an aircraft. This helps to prevent the chemicals from drifting to other farms, as they may be organic farms.

Depending on the planned use of the windsock, they are available in multiple colours and sizes. The manufacturers in the UK produce the best quality windsocks. In case there is a need for a custom-made windsock, contact a manufacturer with your specifications. The reason why most institutions use windsocks is that they are able to measure wind starting from 1 mph. They are available as a permanent installation, portable, and semi-permanent options. Their range of colours is visible from a ΒΌ mile away, making them convenient for large spaces.

Since a windsock is instant in detecting wind, it is very easy to use. It is also very convenient and helps in multiple ways to determine the effects of the wind.

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