Best destinations for freelance writers in 2018


As a writer, you will once in a while find yourself traveling from one destination to another. It might be for various reasons. You may be a travel writer who is trying to get tourists attractions to write about. You could be on vacation with friends or family and in some instances, you might be a vibrant wanderlust keen on traveling due to the spirit of adventure.

Traveling is good! You get to see beautiful sceneries and interact with new people. Through travel, you will get to learn new languages, interact with people with different cultures and learn the different ways of living that people have in different countries. There is just so much freedom of movement as a freelance writer, and the only thing you need is to know where next to go!

As you make your decision on where to travel on your next trip, here is a list of some places that you should consider adding to your bucketlist of top travel destinations for freelancers.


This is the capital city of Japan. The city boasts of culture and religion.Its residents are well- behaved people. They rarely litter on the ground, even though litter bins have not been made.As you walk around, you will get to see their importance of religion. There are a lot of temples and shrines where they go to pray and meditate. You will also find serene gardens, where you can walk and clear your mind.

If you are into fashion, you will find clothing stores that are affordable with the kind of style that you would need. They also have amazing food. The Japanese are passionate about their food if you have had a chance to try their meals you know how delicious they are. When you are there, visit their restaurants and enjoy their meals.

It is also a technological hub if you need a tool that you can use for your kitchen or your home, look around their gadget shops and you will find it. There are different kind of inventions being created daily, which makes this a great place for technology funs to visit.
This is a place for any writer to be. With new inventions being created every day, it will give any technology writer something to write about. If you are looking for a destination to write about or just a place to visit and relax, this might just be the place.

Vina who has visited Tokyo has this to say, ‘living in Tokyo is my life goals. The cuisine, cultures and everything in Japan is just so beautiful’

If you are a fan of delicious cuisines the food that you will find in Mexico will leave you wanting for more. They have diverse types of food which are inclusive of seafood. If you are a meat lover, you will find a variety of options for you. There are also meals that are fit for vegetarians.

As a place booming with culture, while walking in the streets you will find a group of Mariachi band members entertaining people. They are proud of their culture and where they come from. Their songs are mainly in Spanish, but there are also people singing in English.

They have a big coastline, which puts them at a place to participate in a lot of beach sports. They have really beautiful beaches. There are a lot of historical sites that you can visit and be fascinated. The people are friendly and always willing to help. You will also not have to overspend your expenses while you are there. If you are just a curious travel writer or food blogger, visit the place and get some amazing stories to write about.
Cabo San Lucas has this to say about the place, ‘Mexican Culture, however, has so much to offer and for many is a first step into adventuring further into the heart of Mexico. There are so many Activities in the area, that will keep anyone entertained and leave you with the desire to come back.’

Gold coast in Australia

Australia is a place that is beaming with people from different cultural backgrounds. When you get to the Gold cast you will find that there is a lot to do and see. You can hang out your favorite coffee shop, and have a taste of how they brew their beverages. There is a National park that you can visit. Get to see the amazing waterfall and the wild animals present in the park. You can decide to book your trip with a tour guide and be guided into the park while learning new things.

There are a lot of beaches in the area if you are a fun of water activities, one of them being surfing and jet ski riding, you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t know how to surf, you can take this as a new opportunity to learn something new and enjoy yourself.
The place also hosts a variety of sports activities with some them are at the Olympic level. You can also have a look at the theme parks and try and enjoy the nightlife. As a student, take the opportunity to find out about the assignment writing service that is available. You can have fun and mind about your schoolwork.

There is a lot to see and learn in the area, as a writer it is the place to be.There is a lot to gather from the place and a lot to write about. It can also be a good place to go, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Caz, the co-founder of a travel blog has this to say about the Gold coast, ‘I was so pleasantly surprised. It seems to have everything. And how could I not love the place where I learned to stand up on a surfboard after many years of trying. Even if was only for 2 seconds, I’ll still take it!

Losinj Island, Croatia

Simple can be beautiful and it can be seen in Losinj Island in Croatia. The place has a thousand islands, each with its own name and a meaning for it. While there you can engage in activities such as cycling, walking and taking a boat tour to see the view from the water. You can engage in several activities such as visiting their restaurants to taste their delicacies, Visiting the monuments and the historical sites in the area.

A couple who have visited the place has this to say, ‘we have gone for years with our two dogs to Croatia and the Croats have always perceived as extremely friendly and also very dog-friendly! Many speak good German, which can often be helpful.’

If you are a travel writer, food blogger, technology writer or just an all-around freelance writer planning to travel, the above mentioned places are options for the best destinations that you would want to visit.

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