Useful Tips To Reduce Your Skip Hire Costs


Normally, we all put our daily waste, whether of a kitchen or any other, in a waste bin. But, what when you are renovating your home or kitchen or any other room for that matter? You cannot rely on your waste bin to dispose of your large waste. In this case, it is recommendable to hire a skip. A skip hire lets you dispose of your large amount of waste easily with fewer or no disturbance to the surrounding.

However, if you do not have planned to hire a skip for your renovation, you must do it right away. It is because booking it at the last minute can make you incur heavy costs. Therefore, it is advisable that you plan in advance for booking a skip hire.

Now, when you plan to book a skip hire, there are certain factors that you need to consider before doing so. Let us take a look at these essential points that will be helpful in guiding you in booking your skip hire.

Book In Advance

When you already have plans for renovating your room or the whole house, it is advisable that you book your skip hire in advance. It is because when you book it in advance, you are more likely to get cheaper rates. It makes a lot of difference in prices when you plan to book in advance. Moreover, a planned booking also offers the options of availability of the same and you can make preferences.

Book For a Specific Period

You may think of booking a skip hire for an unlimited period and it may seem very much fine to you. But, actually, you may end up paying higher for hiring the service. For example, when you hire a skip for an unlimited time, the owner won’t be able to rent that particular skip to anyone else, which will make him incur a loss. So, he would charge that extra bucks from you, which he would get if he had rented the skip to someone else. Therefore, book the skip for a fixed number of days to dispose of your rubbish.

Take The Necessary Permits Of Councils

Keep your skip on any part of your property, say garden or any other part. Usually, the owners keep the skip on their property. But, in any case, you don’t have your driveway or an empty space to place your skip and need to keep it on the street, you have to get permission for the same. It is because you cannot block the way of the street to be used by others/neighbours. If you do not do so, you may end up paying a heavy fine to the government officials for the same. Therefore, discuss the process of taking permit from the concerned body with your skip owner. They are likely to be aware of the process.

Know The Size Of Your Skip

Before you plan to book the skip hire, make sure you know your necessity for the same. You get skips, which vary in a wide range of size. Therefore, you need to determine the size of your skip and accordingly need to book it and do the needed process for the same. You get a large number of options to choose from but, it is essential that you choose the correct size, keeping in mind your requirement for the same. Also, you need to do so because the rent charges may also depend on the size you choose. For example, if you have to renovate your home, you won’t need to hire an industrial-sized skip. Hence, keep the size into consideration when you go for booking your skip hire.

Donate Or Recycle What You Can

You can reduce the size of your skip by not throwing everything into it. Analyze what is there that you can donate and what can be recycled. For example, check out your closet and if there are clothes that are lightly worn, you can donate them to some poor people. Even if you are renovating your kitchen or bedroom, you can donate old cabinetry. Also, you can donate your old appliances, which are not in use anymore.

Share The Skip Hire With Your Neighbour

It is the best way to share the expenses between two neighbours if you plan to hire a large skip. If your neighbour is also planning to hire a skip, you can easily join them in sharing the same and have your renovation work done easily at a cheaper cost.

Do Not Throw The Restricted Things Into The Skip

When you submit the request for the skip hire, they will ask you the purpose of hiring it. They will ask you what things you shall dispose of into that. Also, they will let you know what you cannot throw into a skip. You cannot dispose of hazardous waste into that, as it will be harmful to the surrounding environment. For example, you cannot throw electrical items, tyres, fluorescent bulbs, chemicals, paint, solvents, medical waste, and compressed gas cylinders.

Thus, when you plan to get a skip hire for disposing of your large waste, make sure you consider the points we discussed above.

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