Tips To Correctly Use The Diamond Drill


The diamond drill comes with a rotary drill. The diamond drill bit is attached to this rotary drill and is used to create the holes of various sizes. Diamond is known to be the hardest material on earth and that is why it is used to create openings in hard substances like metal, glass, concrete etc.

The diamond drill must be used in a proper way. It is important to go through the suggestions given by the experts as they are the best people who can guide well in this respect. It will also save money and time. These professionals have so much experience in manufacturing, development and research of diamond tools. It is a tough job to use diamond drills. it is both art and science to perform this process in a successful manner.

Main Components Which Influence Diamond Drilling’s Performance

  1. Material which needs drilling
  2. Operator
  3. Dressing
  4. Coolant
  5. Accessories
  6. Speed in RPM

Check The Drill First

It is important to examine the drill thoroughly first and then start the process. If the damage is suspected then it is advised to not proceed further as diamond drilling is not a cake walk. Wrongly mounted, damaged or misused drills are considered to be dangerous.

Make use of safety equipment which includes:

  • Safety footwear and clothes
  • Safety goggles
  • Head protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Good respiratory equipment.

Have a Check Over The Diamond Drill Bit Run Out

Run out generally causes two things. Firstly, it causes too much vibration while drilling and secondly, it affects the precision of the hole. This will result in uneven holes. The diamond drills have a particular indicator for tolerance as well as run out. The tolerance and run out must be known before purchasing the diamond drill machine. The bad run our affects the tolerance parameter in a negative way.


Use Of Coolant In The Drilling Machine

The coolant must be used properly in the drilling. It certainly has two important reasons.

  • It minimizes overheating in the drill.
  • Drilling consistency is insured.

Reduction Of Friction Between Drill And Substance.

The coolant enters micro-cracks which are created because of the effect of drill on substance. In the ideal situations, the substance generally absorbs the coolant and thus, gets saturated with the coolant. Here the substance becomes weak and therefore, easily drillable.

Applying Pressure To The Drill.

Pressure, applied in a correct amount to the drill is very important. Light and a medium level of pressure are used. This actually makes the job easier and that is why less force is applied to drill the substance. It is advised not to overheat the machine as it can wear out during the process. It also causes overheating.

Submerged Pressure

The up and down motion when done frequently while drilling will drive the coolant into the hole much deeper. Drilling is generally performed during the even intervals. During this process, do not forget to lift the drill up in the air so that it gets proper time to cool. This way the coolant and diamond will reach in the drilling area further. Diamond drill wreckage can be reduced this way.

Secure The Material During The Process

The section of the material which is being drilled must be secured tightly at its place. It is important the substance stays intact at its place and does not move. If the material is loosely fit then it can break the diamond section. Make use of a clamp for this. Hands should not be used to hold the substance as it is dangerous.

Proper Way To Dress The Diamond Drilling

Make it sure that the coolant overflows on the dressing stick. The dressing must not be done in the absence of the coolant. There is no particular condition when the dressing is performed. Conditions like when the process of drilling is going on, hole depth, drilling process etc are some of the major factors. Others are mentioned below which describe properly when the dressing should be performed.

  1. New drilling machines are generally sharp and thus, produces hissing sound during the drilling process. A high pitched screech sound can be noticed. It is better to provide dressing here. So, stop the process and do the dressing here.
  2. The pressure which is required for the process gives a lot of indications about when the dressing can be done. During the process, if the pressure required to drill increases then it surely needs dressing.
  3. If the drilling cycle increases then stop drilling and start dressing.

Maintenance Process Of Diamond Drilling

It is important to maintain the diamond drill for the optimal performance of the machine. The diamond section’s rigidity and shape have to be maintained well. This will keep the roundness and sharpness of the drill intact. In order to expose those new diamonds dressing is very important.

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