Ultra Violet Glass Bottles Market | Key Development Opportunities Hidden In Emerging Economies


Ultra violet glass bottles, as opposed to the conventional glass bottles, offer a lot more advantages. Ultra violet glass bottles help in extending the freshness and potency of stored materials, contrasting to the conventional glass bottles which just store contents. Conventional glass bottles provide improper protection against visible light as compared to the ultra violet glass bottles which can extend the freshness of the stored material by blocking out the harmful spectrum of visible light responsible for degradation and decomposition while selectively allowing infrared and UV-A rays. These bottles can preserve goods ranging from six months to two years.

Ultra violet glass bottles are airtight, thus locking-in the freshness & fragrance inside them. In addition to that, ultra violet glass bottles are eco-friendly. Ultra violet glass bottles are fairly durable as they are made of special pigmented glass which is thicker than conventional glass bottles. They can easily survive most everyday carpet falls. Moreover, such bottles look aesthetically beautiful and premium, making them a great proposition for cosmetic and food companies. Compared to other packaging formats made of plastic, ultra violet glass bottles do not contain additives/chemicals that might influence the hardness, or the texture of material stored.

Companies operating in the ultra violet glass bottles market are involved in a lot of research and development to find new application for these bottles. Also, these manufacturers in the ultra violet glass bottles market, to reduce the waste and encourage recycling, are looking for new ways to create even lighter glass bottles. With aforementioned developments in the ultra violet glass bottles market, the sale of such ultra violet glass bottles is expected to increase and provide positive push for the market in the years to come.

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Some of the key players operating in the global Ultra Violet Glass Bottles market are – Tier I (Infinity Jars, MIRON Violetglass BV, JUVITUS), Tier II (PremiumVials, LA Container Inc., MONVERA GLASS DÉCOR, JZ), Tier III (New arts, QINGTEAN, Qingdao Xinte Packaging Co., Ltd., WELLBOTTLE, Ruipack, YM bottle, SDU, bottlecn, YB, F&C, Hongyuan, and Sheenland).

The increasing awareness about the advantages of ultra violet glass bottles is also anticipated to emerge as a major driver of growth. Their growing usage in medicine, food & beverage and cosmetics as these bottles can keep their constituents fresh and intact is also projected to boost the market size in the coming years. While the market is expected to spur in the next few years, there have been challenges too. Ultra violet glass bottles are typically more expensive than conventional glass bottles. Their high price is expected to hinder the growth of the market. Moreover, ultra violet glass bottles have low penetration rate in the developing world.

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