Slider Zipper for Packaging Market Witnessed To Take An Uptick In The Forecast Year 2028


Slider zippers are commonly utilized in primary packaging. Slider zippers, helps reinforce primary packaging which is done to preserve and protect the constituents of the package from contamination and damage. Slider technology employ a small sliding piece which helps in opening and closing the package. Apart from being light weight, these slider zipper for packaging ensures that the constituents of the package are completely sealed off from the environment.

Plastic pouches along with other packaging formats can easily be fitted with slider zippers. Slider zipper adds reclosability to the aforementioned packaging formats. Slider zippers can also be useful for the packaging of products or materials which require repeated access. Their reclosability adds only a small cost to the packaging, yet significantly increases the perceived value. Along with that, slider zippers for packaging greatly intensifies the convenience, portability and single-handed use.

Companies functioning in the slider zipper for packaging market are involved in a lot of research and development to find new applications for them. Among the major innovations in the market are the Fresh-Lock press-to-close zippers by Presto Products Company. The company has also innovated closure systems called Slide-Rite and Child-Guard child-resistant technology. Also, the companies in the Slider zipper for packaging market, to reduce the waste and encourage recycling, are looking for new ways to manufacture such zippers. With aforementioned developments in the slider zipper for packaging market, the sale of such slider zipper for packaging is expected to surge and provide positive push for the market in the years to come.

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Some of the key players operating in the global slider zipper for packaging market are – Tier I (Presto Products Company, The YKK Group, SVP Packing Industry Pvt Ltd., UVA Packaging, Layfield Group Ltd., Zip-Pak, Inc.), Tier II (Millennium Packaging & Marketing, Diamond Flexible Packaging, Olympic Zipper Limited, Fujian SBS Zipper Science & Technology Co.Ltd., Zhejiang Sandeli Zipper Co., Ltd., Goel Zippers, Ansun Multitech), Tier III (Guangzhou QLQ Enterprise Co.,Ltd., Zhejiang Dawei Zipper Co., Ltd., Kao Shing Zipper Co., Ltd., Lenzip Mfg. Corp., Euro-A Zipper Company Limited, W&T Company Inc., NEO Zipper Co., Ltd., and Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi S.p.A.).

Future Prospects

The growth in the disposable income around the world is expected to entice the demand for slider zipper for packaging market as more and more people use them. Furthermore, the convenience these slider zippers provide to the end-users is also expected to be a major factor driving the market. Moreover, the change in lifestyle owing to the increasing urbanization is also projected to add to the demand for slider zipper for packaging market. While the market is expected to ascend in the next few years, there are certain challenges too. The difficulty in recycling the slider zippers for packaging is expected to offer resistance to market growth in the coming years.

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