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Top 5 Benefits of Studying with Class 11 Reference Books

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Preparing for CBSE Class 11 requires a lot of determination and zeal as this class paves the way for the performance in Class 12 board exams and then eventually to your career. Hence, following the prescribed textbooks is very much essential for the students, but in order to expand your knowledge, it is preferable to look into reference books. This habit of referring to the “extra books” will be going to benefit students in the long run of their career.


To score optimum marks in Class 11, it is recommended to choose the right study material out of the plenteous options available in the market. When opting for wrong study materials can lead you to failure. Hence, it is crucial to have access to the best study resources for Class 11. Further, reference books add the learning skills, test comprehension, help in recalling information, developing analytical thinking, and problem-solving ability.


It is a well-known fact that NCERT books are the best and enough books to prepare for Class 11 exams. But simply mugging up the NCERT books and solving the questions from NCERT books is not going to suffice. To fetch more marks, you should complete the NCERT books at least 6-7 months before the exam and then take out ample time to consider using other reference books.


Reference books help students in enhancing the study experience and here is how:


  • Reference books provide a new perspective on the same topic in a new way.
  • These textbooks provide different teaching techniques that help students in understanding the subject in an efficient way.
  • For a better understanding, get an in-depth knowledge of the topics.  
  • These reference books also provide different study tips and pattern that perfectly suits the exam point of view.
  • To aid in better learning of the concepts, authors have portrayed the topics in the reference books in different dimensions.

Here, we have listed the reference books for CBSE Class 11 subject-wise below:


Subject Reference Books Authors
Physics Concepts of Physics HC Verma
Biology ABC of Biology Modern Publications
English CBSE Chapter Wise Oswaal Publications
Chemistry Abc of Chemistry Modern Publications
Maths Senior Secondary School Mathematics: Class 11 R S Aggarwal
Maths Mathematics for Class 11 R D Sharma


Here we have compiled a few other ways in which reference book help students of Class 11 with:


  1. The Reference Books are Ideal for Everyday Revision


These reference books help you be updated with the complete course and syllabus quickly. Further, having the questions in the right format so that you do not lose the grip on the concepts of the topics in a particular subject. After completing the syllabus of the subject, reference books help students in revising the curriculum in a better and efficient way.


  1. The Reference books Help in Preparation for the Exams


These extra books are really helpful when it comes to exam preparation. Comprising all the short, long and MCQ format questions, these books are designed to provide the right exam pattern. Further, offering a plethora of questions to practice, these reference books provide the right platform for the students to practice hard.


  1. Clear your Doubts Effectively


This reference books consist of all the concepts and theories related to Science/Maths, which is explained in brief. Thus ensuring that students can clear their doubts without any difficulties. Although NCERT books are the best for making your fundamentals but reference books also help students in clearing the concepts by offering them an ample amount of questions-answers for practising.


  1. Helpful in Preparing for Competitive Exams


Apart from the CBSE examination which you take in school, reference books help in other exams as well for higher academic opportunities. These competitive exams are usually objective and require you to brush your knowledge on the topics. Thus, the MCQ format questions available in the reference book gives you a perfect insight into a pattern of questions which you can expect in school level competitive exams or competitive exams.


  1. Easy Understanding

Having the syllabus of the subject, the chapters in the reference books are to the point and are well-illustrated. Thus, helping you in keeping all the doubts away while studying for Class 11. You will also find explanations consisting of examples from practical life that help in understanding the topics in a better way in these textbooks.

Written by experts, these reference books are prepared after extensive research on every topic to provide students with the appropriate knowledge.


Why Refer the Extra Books?


A student in order to crack the exam must be aware that all the theoretical subjects should have practical knowledge of the same. So, to get a better hang of the correlation between the theory and practical applications, one should be open in having wide knowledge. And for these reference books play a major part in providing students with complete information and knowledge.


It is to be kept in mind that reference books provide students with additional knowledge and assist them in more practice to train them for final exams. So, after completing your NCERT textbooks solve all the questions that are given in the reference books. If you are not able to find the answers to the reference books, you can take the help of the Reference books solutions for Class 11 prepared by Gradeup School. Our NCERT solutions are based on the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE, and also students can access from anywhere at free of cost.


Apart from this, solve previous year question papers and mock test and remember hard work is the main key for success. Further, stay determined, plan your time wisely, make your concepts clear. Moreover, make the best use of the study material available to you. Do not forget to use reference books for reference only.


For more information or query regarding benefits of reference books for Class 11, you can drop your comment in the comment section below.

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