Do the Modern Cars Require a Tune Up Program?


Back in the earlier days, when cars were running on system that involved re-jetting and possibly rebuilding the carb, adjustment of the valves, or needed frequent changing of the distributor cap and the rotor, the cars often had to undergo the tedious process of a tune up. But today, the way the modern cars are manufactured, none of them ask for any of the above said work to be necessarily done on them. But does that imply that the entire story of car tuning up has ceased to exist? Or is it the fact, that the entire process of car tuning up is involving some other activity to enhance the capability of the existing car or just to keep them in good shape.

If you are curious as well, like we were, here is the explanation we received from the expert team of mechanics who serve at the Birmingham Chevrolet dealership regarding the car tune up story, then and now.

Defining a Car Tune Up

The vehicles that are now aged more than 60 years needed to have a regular schedule of tune-up. Starting from the points like ignition points to setting the timing of the car, from solid lifters to the Carburetors, everything required high-precision manual adjustments. All this needed to be performed after a vehicle crossed every 30-35,000-mile.

Modern vehicles on the other hand, till now proved to be lasting longer, because of the precision machinery engineering done on the engine parts, while the PCM and sensors that are now an integral part of the modern automobile system are made to precisely control the flow of fuel, that automatically curbs down the carbon buildup. Moreover, in the modern cars, there are no carburetors, caps and rotors and many or complicated spark plug wires for which you need to take a professional help.

Modern Definition of Tune Up

But that doesn’t imply, that the modern cars we get to see today, can run of their own for years together without the need of any professional hands touching their parts. They too require a tune up occasionally, to enhance the performance, ease of operation, maintain reliability and fuel efficiency score and above all, to look good. Today, the definition of car tune-up has changed, as they are now sold with a complete service package which can be availed at all your local repair shops.

The modern cars are fast and fuel efficient, but to keep them in good shape, even you can take up some small hacks and save your visit to the repair shop and your hard earned money. All you will need to do is spending a couple of hours, and check on some regular parts, knowing how to maintain them. And your car will return back to its original shape, with the original vigor. The systems and techniques are so easy, that even a novice beginner can learn it by browsing through the user manual.

But the experts at the Chevrolet dealership Birmingham warns you never to skip the scheduled maintenance which is the key to maintain your car without the need to undergo a professional tune up session.

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