Tools that Implements for Maintaining Forest Tree


Tools and implements for thinning

In thinning tasks, manual or machine tools can be used, according to their purpose (commercial or waste) and the dimensions of the trees. In waste thinning and first commercial thinning, light chain saws are usually used and even, on small properties, axes; In commercial thinning with diameters above 14-16 cm, chainsaws can be used, and in qualified cases, with moderate slopes and clean and even forests, harvester-type machines can be used. In the logging is used from animals (oxen and horses) to machinery type tractors agricultural tractors, skidders and logging towers. In this type of work is essential to consider the use of safety implements for chainsaw operators and logging equipment.

Chainsaws should wear at least: helmet with eye and ear protector, gloves, and anti-cut pants, and safety shoes.

When the thinnings are not simultaneous with the pruning, especially the last thinning, to avoid errors, it is advisable to mark the trees that must remain. It is advisable to mark the trees to be left with two paint spots, one at the base and the other at the breast height, making sure that the marks point in the same direction to facilitate the work with the best chainsaws.

As in other activities, thinning is necessary with trained personnel and equipped with appropriate tools and equipment. The recommended equipment for each chainsaw consists of: safety helmet, with visor and ear protector, trousers or anti-cut legs, safety gloves, safety shoes, first aid kit, small to medium size chain saw, a basic set of tools Maintenance (including files and guide), combined fuel, oil and wedge drums. The intensity of thinning is related to the number of trees that have been pruned, which depends on the schematic scheme of management to follow. On the other hand, a young plantation that is with a dominant height of 5 to 6 meters can be thinned (to waste) strongly with less risk of damages and breaks during tempests.

If the first thinning was not carried out at the right time, or it was of a very gentle intensity, the following thinning should be gradual, in order to minimize eventual temporary damage. The period, between one thin tree and another, will allow the trees to adapt progressively to their new environment, developing their buds and increasing the diameter of their stems.

There is a wide variety of garden tools, some more basic and others specific to certain tasks or professional range. The price of each tool will vary according to its quality and durability.

There are a number of basic or essential tools that allow us to perform most of the tasks. If you are starting out in gardening, start by getting yourself a good basic toolkit.

Hand hoe and trowel: Used to remove adventitious grasses, make small caves and plant bulbs and seedlings.

Shovel: Used to dig.

Hoe: Used to aerate and move the soil in depth and remove adventitious grass and to dig

Rake: Used to level the soil, clean and rake the soil.

Shear: Used for trimming low or medium hedges, as well as high grass. It is also used to cut herbaceous plants. Depending on the model chosen, you can cut out shoots or small woody branches.

Scissors: Used for pruning. You have to choose them with insurance and with leaves that cross. If you are going to use a lot, especially in the case of professional gardeners, in the market, there are electric scissors that are operated with little effort, avoiding future injuries in the hand.

Pruning saw: Used to cut small branches.

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