Practice Healthy Exercise According To Personal Characteristics


We know that an exercise is already a healthy act, but we must take some precautions when it comes to sports:

From the drinking of liquids, the previous and posterior feeding, clothing and the progressive practice of the same, are factors that we must take into account when practicing the sport that we want, Especially with the arrival of the winter and with the change of Season to Summer, when there are greater risks of undergoing faint and syncopes.

We share some recommendations to follow when practicing physical exercise:

Is it the first time that you are going to do physical exercise? Whether it is the first time that you are going to exercise or if you are going to start again after a period of inactivity, we recommend that you undergo a previous medical check that determines your cardiorespiratory state, muscle, bone.

We must choose a sport according to our personal characteristics.

  • The best hours for sport are especially in the summer less hot, before 11 in the morning and after 7 in the evening.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, footwear, and accessories for the activity.
  • Both before and after physical activity we must perform warm-up and stretching exercises. These will help prevent muscle aches and pains, as well as stiffness. Do not just run as the only warm-up exercise, because in this way we will only warm the lower limbs when it is just as important to warm up the upper and trunk end. It is also important to warm the abdominal area with hip rotations.
  • While exercising outdoors we must protect ourselves from the sun, especially in summer, the use of high sun protection is important, as well as the protection of the lips.
  • Drinking fluids before, during and after exercise. Especially those enriched with mineral salts that allow a better recovery of the lost liquid.
  • We should try not to eat food the three hours prior to the exercise, in addition to maintaining a diet rich in fruit and vegetables
  • One can choose gym for running or have best treadmills for home. That could save your time.
  • If we have the slightest suspicion of injury, we should not force, it is best to stop physical activity. If we do not recover, then we would go to a professional to make a diagnosis.
  • You have to rest your body after undergoing exercise to avoid overloading.
  • It is important to breathe only through your nose when doing a sport and not do it by mouth. Inspiring the air through the nose we can filter the air we breathe and warm it.
  • Avoid sudden cooling while exercising or after
  • After physical exercise does not end rudely, it is desirable to do it gradually walking. In this way, we get our body to absorb the accumulated lactic acid during exercise.

Precautions before starting to engage in physical exercise

  • Before starting to perform physical exercises, it is always advisable to perform a complete medical check-up to know the state in which our body and organism are, as well as determine what are their abilities and graduation of the exercises to which we can expose ourselves.
  • When moving from the sedentary to the practice of any type of physical activity, do not forget that the body is accustomed not to move. Not only have you lost strength, but also coordination, balance, the speed of reaction.
  • All this makes your body less prepared to exercise stress, even at a relatively gentle effort. To begin with, there should be no missing studies to perform, chest X-rays, spirometry, exercise electrocardiogram, and laboratory analysis.
  • Among the precautions in general, which have their rules for all sports, we must use appropriate running shoes, at the same time as clothing, according to the results of the studies we will keep in mind the physical requirements, and the practices will be staggered and progressively independent of the sport that is practiced.
  • In summer times, especially for outdoor sports and especially for water sports, sunscreen screens are indispensable to avoid skin lesions, because beyond risky, can alter sports performance.


  • Perform a pre-sport evaluation to rule out possible health risks.
  • Wear appropriate sports equipment, and wear protection if the practiced sport requires it.
  • Have proper nutrition and hydration before and during exercise.
  • Have enough breaks between sports sessions.
  • Make a good warm up beforehand.
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