Tips to score maximum marks in Maths in JEE Mains exam


 Getting 90+ Marks out of 120 in JEE Mains Maths is anything but troublesome work. There needs to be concentration and hard work for the exams. It just relies upon the Candidates how they get ready for the assessments. Maths is about Practice. So Candidates should revise an ever-increasing number of questions. The more they practice the more they foster critical thinking abilities. Maths is the troublesome area in JEE Mains from all that of 3 areas: Physics, Chemistry and Maths. It incorporates ideas as well as so many practice questions to tackle. Candidates need to clear all the doubts and get a stronghold of speed. Assuming Candidates need to score 90+ Marks in JEE Mains they need to follow just one stage that is ‘PRACTICE’.

  1. Build your concepts

Attend Class routinely, Make notes/short notes appropriately, Revise Questions, build your Concepts and Confidence, Mark Important Questions. Just these simple four steps will help students to build their concepts appropriately as well as solve their doubts. 

Aspirants should initially endeavour and understand questions rather than watching answers first. Numerous Students tend to read the questions and when they find it troublesome, they leave those questions and watch the appropriate response. This ought not to become a habit. On the off chance that they are doing, they will become dependent on the Solutions and not on their knowledge. Students ought to have a battling soul to tackle the troublesome questions more and more. Competitors should endeavour questions at least 15 minutes on each question then, at that point, allude to the solutions.

  1. Choose the chapters with more weightage.

Competitors should focus on the Chapters of Maths that have more weightage in JEE Mains. A few Chapters are vital from the exam perspective. Applicants should think about the test pattern, Chapterwise weightage of Maths in JEE Mains. This will assist them with getting a thought about what kind of questions normally arrive in a test. What’s more, What are the examples of questions as well as the language and so forth which will help them in preparation for the test. A few points will be given more weightage as per the significance while learning. Students will become more acquainted with which points are more significant for tests and which one is less significant and can focus on the themes by investigating the difficulty level and weightage. You can refer to IIT JEE Mains maths important questions online. 

A few parts are vital according to JEE Mains exam perspective. These parts incorporate — Integrals, 3-D Geometry, Probability, Conic segment, Vector Algebra, Functions, Limits, Continuity and Derivability, Matrices and determinants, Probability, Permutation and Combination. Class ’12 and Class 11 both have an equivalent weightage of marks in the test.

  1. Speed=Logic

In case Students are focusing on 90+ marks in tests. Then, at that point, alongside the question solving they ought to think legitimately. The test is 3 hours long. So equivalent time ought to be given to every one of the segments in tests. Maths is for an hour. So consistent reasoning ought to be of cutting edge level then, at that point, Candidates will want to get more marks in tests. 

Attempt to focus more on comprehension and building applied clarity rather than only learning the stuff. 

Never pass up simple marks. Go through the entire paper once, before endeavouring any question. Mark the questions as indicated by your perspective in three classes, for example simple, moderate and intense. To start with, tackle every one of the simple ones and afterwards move on to others.

  1. Go with the trend

Examine the pattern from earlier year papers, allot time to parts as needs are. Themes like Coordinate Geometry, Calculus are of most weightage and ought to be engaged upon steadily. 

Gain proficiency with the graphical way to deal with difficult questions. It is less tedious than the traditional methodology. Getting to know the diagrams of some simple equations we face will be profoundly useful. 

Give mock test papers consistently in the month before. Make your list of scores and mark the points wherein you submitted mistakes in the test.  Analyze and work on them, so it doesn’t get repeated in upcoming tests. Ensure that you have perceived the questions concerning what it is requesting and what you are deciphering. 

Customary self-examination and following progress that you are making ought to be done consistently.

  1. Ample material is required

Start with the NCERT, do every one of the questions to some degree once. Try not to miss the various questions at the end of every part. Allude to Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma or standard books of JEE Main Maths for calculated approach and practice questions. 

Practice as much as you can. A few students even get a count of registers and pens that they have used. The more questions you endeavour, the better you get with calculations. It diminishes the shot at committing silly errors during the test.

Mathematics is normally thought to be lengthy and time consuming by students. The justification for this is how we approach this segment. You don’t have to settle every single question routinely. A few questions can undoubtedly be solved in less time by utilizing option elimination measures. Have a go at embracing and dealing with these hacks during your preparation stage.

  1. Give sufficient time to Maths

The main thing that you ought to do is foster a positive outlook towards the subject. Quit fearing Maths as a subject. Be certain and prepared to learn new things. You should begin your preparations for JEE from the beginning phase. As a rule, students start from the eleventh standard itself. During this, you go through the JEE Math syllabus for JEE Advanced and JEE Main test and comprehend the learning goals of the question makers. Look into the significant themes and make a preparation procedure appropriately.

Give enough time to the subject in your daily timetable and constantly go through the topics you have learnt so far. At last, you mustn’t get nervous or over-confident. Just ace your exam with confidence and belief.


While planning for profoundly important tests like JEE Main, Mathematics is quite possibly the main subject a candidate needs to manage. We can proceed to say that Math shapes a critical piece of our development. It is the main consideration toward the end. The establishment of Physics and Chemistry is made by arithmetic. Practically every one of the mathematical issues of Physics and Chemistry utilizes points like quadratic conditions, differential conditions, and analytics. So, it becomes more important.

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