How fast can you master Grade 9 Mathematics?


If you wish to appear for the Grade 10 board exams, then it is obvious that you would have to pass Class 9 exams as this grade lays down the foundation for the class’s hand. A student who is thorough with the class 9 subjects will find it easier to score good marks for the higher class exams. Whereas the students who ignored class 9 back then may now be regretting it. The concepts taught in class 9 are often covered in the questions for competitive exams. Hence considering all the above reasons, there is a need to build up the concepts from Class 9 itself. Maths and Science are subjects that require much practice and are super important.

But many dread Maths and consider it difficult to understand. Studies have shown that being good at math is a matter of hard work just as much, if not more, than innate talent. One can become good at math simply by dedication. Following the principle “Anyone is capable of learning anything if they are given enough time and the proper techniques”, of course, you can master Grade 9 Maths. Maths takes a lot of practice, and it’s hard to learn it if you don’t enjoy it but the end results are satisfying. Some have suggested that people tend to lose their math skills when they don’t use them. Hence take time each day to practice math until you master it. This article shares a few tips on how to master Maths. 

Especially in Grade 9, along with the NCERT textbook, RD Sharma study material is an excellent choice for CBSE and NTSE exams as they are created following the latest norms of the CBSE syllabus and include a good number of solved and unsolved questions for practice with newly framed questions to enhance your skills. Use RD Sharma Solutions For Class 9 when stuck at a problem. 

Tip 1- Adopt a positive attitude regarding Mathematics

Maths can be overwhelming for many as they often forget to build the foundation first and then capture all the concepts. The results of this lead to self-sabotage and you begin to lose faith in yourself for Maths be it in high school, college, or at any other point in your education and your grades drop drastically. Just because you weren’t able to solve problems one day, it doesn’t make you any bad at Maths. It’s just a sign that you need to practice the concepts better to get the hang of it. And adopting a positive attitude about Maths can help you stay motivated and feel encouraged while you try to enhance your Maths skills. 

Tip 2- Study in an environment where you can be more productive

If you study in the living room with your siblings watching shows at a loud volume, then you may not be in the best environment to focus on. Especially during the beginning, you need to ensure that you study in a well-lit environment at an appropriate posture and time where you can focus better. Try to eliminate or reduce all the distractions before you start studying. Preferably a quiet place where no one is screaming might be a good start. Set your phone aside while studying to minimise distractions and only use them when you are having trouble with solving a problem. Don’t listen to music while learning new concepts but instrumental, and a few other genres of calming music can help you focus better while solving the problems.

Tip 3- Understand the logic and process used to solve a problem 

Math consists of tons and tons of formulas but remembering all of them is a challenging task. Understanding how the formula came out in existence (derivation) or the steps taken to make use of the data to reach the desired solution is a good option and more productive than learning just one type of problem and having the inability to solve other kinds of problems.

Tip 4- Enrol in an online course

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the education system has changed a lot. No one has the option of picking their tutors by picking their own courses and getting comfortable with the style. Several well-established universities provide courses on foundational Maths which will prove to be helpful in future. 

Tip 5- Learning by helping someone out 

What are the chances that you remember what you were taught last week perfectly? The chances might vary from good-great depending on the amount of effort you put in. Now try to remember the last time you gave a presentation in front of the class. Do you still remember all the points you mentioned to them? If the answer is yes, then perfect. This tip is perfect for you. Try to arrange a study partner with whom you can solve problems together and help each other out in adversity. Teaching your friend the problem in-depth would not only help them out in learning a concept, but it would also drill the concept in your brain for a longer time. Try to explain the concept as clearly as you can. 

Tip 6- Take it one step at a time

Questions that are super long to read are often easy to solve if you break them down into smaller parts and tackle them one at a time. If you can’t analyse a lot of information, then solve one equation at a time instead of all four at once by breaking them down into further information and lastly solve all of them together. Review the incorrect answers well when encountered any. Create a formula book if you forget formulas easily and revise them often. Focus more on the topics which have higher weightage. For the Class 9 exam, geometry, algebra and mensuration are the higher weightage topics in a descending order respectively. Other concepts are important too but focus more on these concepts. 

So, follow the above-mentioned tips to a T to get the top scores! 

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