Tips to Find the Best Skincare Routine


Most people have a skincare routine they developed or with the help of a beauty consultant. The most important thing is to wash your face in the morning and before going to bed. Today, men and women want a perfect skincare regimen. They understand that many skincare products are natural and good for their skin.

It becomes a matter of what products to use and how many they should get. You’ll find plenty of information about skincare products and an excellent range of natural skincare products by visiting

Regular skincare regimen

A skin cleansing routine need not be complicated. It should be simple: cleanse, treat, and moisturise. The middle step is where you need most of the skincare products. This means you will use creams and serums that contain potent ingredients to keep your skin clean and healthy. According to dermatologists, this is the part that could make a big difference in keeping your skin youthful-looking and healthy.

Daytime routine

  1. One of the first things you do is to cleanse. It is the foundation of all skincare routines. But cleansing your face too much or too often is not good for your skin. Use a gentle and suitable face wash for your skin type.
  2. Using a toner is an optional step. A toner balances the pH of your skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, look for a hydrating toner. If your skin is prone to acne, purchase a toner that contains salicylic acid.
  3. You can apply vitamin C serum to protect your skin from pollution and the sun. Look for one with stable vitamin C, like a ferulic acid serum with vitamins C and E.
  4. For something extra, use an eye cream. Apply it gently with a dabbing motion using your ring finger to prevent damage to the sensitive skin around the eye area.
  5. After treating your skin, apply moisturiser. It strengthens your skin barrier and keeps your skin hydrated. For daytime use, choose a lighter moisturiser that your skin will quickly absorb so it won’t ruin your makeup.
  6. Another thing you should not forget is sunscreen. Even if you miss out on some of the other products, apply sunscreen, whether you are going out or staying indoors.

Nighttime routine

  1. At night, use a facial cleanser that will also help remove your makeup. You can use an oil-based face wash alone or follow it up with a water-based face wash.
  2. Again, applying a toner is optional.
  3. After cleansing your face, apply alpha hydroxy acid. It removes dead skin cells, builds collagen, and brightens your skin. You can follow this up with retinol.
  4. If you have eye cream, apply some again around your eye area.
  5. Apply moisturiser on your face and neck to hydrate your skin and seal in the treatment products.
  6. If you need extra moisturising, especially during the winter months, apply face oil over your moisturiser so you wake up with smoother and glowing skin. If you want something lighter, add a few drops to your moisturiser, instead of adding another layer of protection.

There you have it—an easy skincare routine to follow. ​

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