How Not To Answer In A Job Interview


Imagine yourself in the place of an interviewer taking interviews of more than 40-50 candidates every single day. You ask questions like ‘Tell me something about yourself? Why should we hire you? What are your long-term plans? From most of the candidates you get simple and generic answers like ‘I hold a masters degree in XYZ field’ ‘I am hardworking’ ‘I will dedicate myself entirely to the organization’ ‘I will be glad to be a part of this company’ and many more. This becomes a little tedious at the end of the day, but what if a genuine and well-groomed candidate comes in and ice breaks your day with really intriguing answers and interesting conversation that charges you up for the rest of the day and finds you an eligible candidate. Such candidates can make your day as well as your company. So, would you like to be that candidate? If yes, then interview coaching is recommended.  Whether you take interview coaching from London, Birmingham, or Nottingham, make sure that you come out unique after the training. Before that follow the article below to not appear unprofessional in front of an interviewer.

Tell me something about yourself?

Speak something outside of your resume. The primary purpose here is to test your attitude towards the work and how it is beneficial for the organization. Keep your answer short and simple, highlight your achievements, things you do outside work like your hobbies. Do not be too formal answer it with a smile and sound a little excited.

Why do you want to work here?

Be honest, but not too upfront. Do not answer that ‘ I have heard about this organization and this is a good place for learning and collecting new experience’ Also, do not say I want to earn good money or experience for my further career growth’ Highlight the most unique thing about yourself that can benefit the organization in many different ways. Tell them about your good qualities which increase your chances of getting hired. In short, prove that you will be an asset to this company.

What do you know about the company so far? 

To answer this question confidently research well about the company before appearing for an interview. In-depth research will reflect your attitude and enthusiasm towards that company. Read about the company and especially its role in different industries, accolades, awards, distinctions, and initiatives if taken any. If you know who your recruiter will be, go through their social media profiles. You may find something common or interesting about that person, which will turn the conversation interesting and benefit you in some or another way.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Neither exaggerates nor put yourself down. You might have much strength, but answer only those that can benefit the organization. Similarly, do not be way too honest about your weaknesses, but tell them what you generally struggle with and how you manage to resolve it whenever it appears.

Where do you see yourself after five years?    

Do not show that you are clueless about your future. The interviewers want to hear about your long-term plans and find out how working in their company will help you fulfill them. This determines your vision and how thoughtful and determined you are to run after it. In this case, you can prepare a good answer from home and present it to the interviewer.

Any questions from your side?

Replying with a ‘No’ shows disinterest and reflects your naivety. You might want to know the company culture, their rules, and regulations, their work pattern and how a typical working day looks like. Do not hesitate to ask all these questions as this will make you clear whether you want to work there or not. Settling for any job shows desperation which later results in a bad decision, so it is better to consider all these factors.

It is essential to sound professional in the corporate world for survival and sounding professional in the interview is the first step in this process.

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