Things to Know about the Early Signs or Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer


Esophageal cancer has been regarded as a complex type of cancer, as it happens inside the body and thus it takes time to understand the disease. Many people actually suffering from the disease stay unknown about the disease in their bodies. This happens when we tend to ignore the signs of symptoms of esophageal cancer. So, it is absolutely important for everyone to learn about signs of esophageal cancer. It is a common form of cancer these days among people. Junk foods, non-disciplinary lifestyle, improper dieting, excessive cigarette consumption and many other reasons are there behind the occurrence of esophageal cancer. In the following section, early signs or symptoms of this disease has been discussed.

Trouble in Swallowing

When it comes to early sign of esophageal cancer, trouble in swallowing has been noted as a common symptom. If you are facing trouble in swallowing foods, there could be two or three reasons. The first reason is simple, and it happens to everyone due to gland infection. In such cases, you shall notice throat pain when swallowing food. The same thing can happen due to gland cancer rather than esophageal cancer. In case of esophageal cancer, food swallowing could not be comfortable at initial stage. As food moves through esophageal tube, we face swallowing issues.

Chronic Heartburn

Heartburn issue is commonly faced by those, who have the habit of eating oily and spicy foods. It occasionally happens to you when you eat such foods. However, there are signs of worry if heartburn is a chronic issue for you. This happens due to esophageal cancer. However, it does not confirm occurrence of esophageal cancer, but it can be regarded as a sign of esophageal cancer. Facing heartburn issue on regular basis is definitely worrisome and in such case you need to go through esophageal cancer screening. Proper screening is absolutely necessary to detect the cancer.

Chest Pain

Chronic chest pain, especially after eating foods is also a sign of esophageal cancer. Many people have noted this sign. However, it cannot be stated as early symptom since it stars happening when cancer is at matured stage. So, you should not waste precious time any further to deal with this issue. You should undergo the cancer screening test at the earliest. Ignoring cancer screening test will lead to major failures or physical complications.

Rapid Weight Loss

If you have started losing weight rapidly and along with that you face chronic acid influx issue, you need to undergo cancer screening test as it suggests that you could be a victim of esophageal cancer. For that reason, you need to know about the acid reflux foods to avoid. You should avoid foods that trigger acid reflux. But, that does not ensure cure. It is basically intended to deliver you some relief. For curing esophageal cancer, you need to follow simple rules. The screening has to be done at the earliest. There should not be any lag in taking the medicines. You need an expertise doctor who can guide you properly. If detected at early stage, it can be cured completely.

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