The story of synthetic diamond and natural diamonds


Natural diamonds have dazzled humankind’s for years. Diamond has always been the synonym of preciousness. Kings and queens of different eras have taken the pride of possessing expensive and rare diamonds. Even now the best gift to be offered to the loved ones is diamond. To see the spark in the eyes of your loved ones you can always gift a diamond. However, diamonds are costly and rare. Thanks to the scientific evaluation that has made it possible to grow diamonds in the laboratories. If you read a lab made diamonds blog you will come across a variety of information. This blog helps you precisely understand the difference before you go shopping for your much loved gem called diamond.

Lab made vs. natural diamonds- what is the difference?

You will be amazed to know the fact that there is practically no difference between a natural diamond and a synthetic diamond. Of creation is similar for both the types. Weil natural diamond is created under the extreme pressure of earth and with the exposure of heat replicated in forming lab based diamonds. These diamonds are also strong and have the shine as it is found in natural diamonds. However the natural diamonds are rare. The scarcity of natural diamonds is the reason why the price of such diamonds is high.

When it comes to lab based diamonds these are produced under the complete control of technology which makes it possible to produce more of these diamonds. Increase in the number of lab diamonds can lead to the shortening of the supply chain. Lovers but are also made pocket friendly. With synthetic diamonds you can give diamond jewelry to your loved ones without pressing much on your pocket. In terms of durability, these diamonds are here to last forever. Diamond has always been the symbol of love and synthetic diamonds are also so the one that can also express the feelings of love and beauty to your loved ones. Lab made vs natural diamonds has been a debatable topic for the gemologist across the world until recently it was declared that lab diamonds are of equal worth and value.

Be aware of fake diamonds

There are many other materials that have the crystal quality and the shine that can imitate the appearance of a diamond. However these materials are not real diamonds. The physical properties of these materials are created out of carbon molecules. Unless the diamond is created synthetically there are no other ways through which the natural diamonds can be created. Nowadays there are many e companies that are selling fake diamonds in the name of synthetic diamonds. However before you make a purchase make sure that you know about this synthetic diamond and get the deal done from a reputed seller. So if you are looking for the most affordable but real diamond without compromising on the quality then synthetic diamonds are the one that you should go for.

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