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Many people forget the extent to the Ancient Egyptians time on this planet. We really mean that; it is far too easy to think about this ancient civilization simply in terms of the pyramids, their belief system, or historical struggle with the Romans, but these people were around for a whole lot longer than just this. To put it into context, the famous pyramids of Giza are generally acknowledged to have been constructed in the years 2580-2560 BC, that’s a whole two and a half thousands years before even the birth of Jesus Christ! In fact, the birth of this holy man is still closer to the 21st Century than it is to the construction of the great pyramids, something that is absolutely bonkers. The Ancient Egyptians, therefore, deserve to be treated with a great deal of respect, as they have been around for far longer than our current modern human civilization. 

Of course, this is a huge reason why they are still so prevalent in popular culture, two millennia on from their untimely demise. Aside from things like the pyramids and Tutankhamen, one of the things that interests historians the most about this civilization is the legendary queen Cleopatra, someone who is regularly said to be the most beautiful person to ever grace the planet. Now, it is impossible to know this fact for certain, but Cleopatra was undoubtedly a massive influence during her reign between 51 BC and 30 BC. In fact, she is widely recognised as being the last active ruler of the Kingdom Of Egypt, before it was drawn under largely Roman control. Out of all the icons of human history she is certainly one of the biggest, and there are, therefore, countless references to the queen in popular culture. One of these is Legends Of Cleopatra Slot game from developers Playson. Let’s take a look at how it gets on, shall we? 

About Legends Of Cleopatra and its overall aesthetic 

First things first, let’s take a look at the general aesthetic that Playson have gone for in their slot Legends Of Cleopatra. Obviously, it doen’t take a genius to work out vaguely what this title is going to look like, however, with so many Ancient Egypt themed slots out there at the moment it is interesting to see how specific developers have chosen to approach the theme. Right from the start of the play experience you can tell that Playson have put a hell of a lot of effort into making this slot look good, with super HD graphics and pristinely rendered objects really adding to the reel spinning experience. Cleopatra here, as is typically the case, is portrayed as an incredibly beautiful queen who makes sure to worship the powerful Egyptian deities. The unique 6 reel configuration sits in front of Cleopatra’s bath, something that is empty throughout most of the game, until the queen herself comes out in its bonus rounds. Playson have really pushed the boat out with their reel configuration, as there can be a varying number of rows alongside it, from 2 to 5! 

The symbols in Legends Of Cleopatra are more or less exactly what you would expect to see on the reels, with the majority pertaining to the Ancient Egpytian theme that Playson have laid out. As is usually the case these days, playing card symbols from 10 to A make up the low paying icons, something we have grown largely used to, even though it would make things a lot more immersive if this wasn’t the case. Can’t have it all though, can you? Moving up are a variety of Ancient Egpytian god icons, with Cleopatra herself being one of the highest paying symbols, as well as the actual Legends Of Cleopatra game logo. 

About Legends Of Cleopatra and its bonus features 

Now, this is where it gets really interesting with Legends Of Cleopatra, because Playson have ensured that the bonus features here really are second to none. There is a golden wild that is always worth keeping an eye on whilst you are spinning those reels, for instance, because it can substitute with all other symbols except for the scatter in order to make winning combinations that can hit 100x your line bet. As for the scatter symbol, in typical fashion these can award you with as many as 15 free spins. The free spins round also takes place in Cleopatra’s bath, with the queen herself present too. Playson have made things interesting here, as the reels are flipped during the free spin round, making the chances of a winning combination even higher! 

Now, the bonus features we just mentioned are rather lucrative on their own, however the feature we found to be the best for winning substantial amounts was the double wild bonus feature. This is activated when the slot’s fourth reel is completely saturated with wild symbols, and leads to the reel’s duplication onto the second reel too. You know what that means, don’t you? Even bigger chances of a win! 

About Playson and other slots by them 

Playson are relative newcomers to the online slot market, and have been making some serious inroads in recent years. The burgeoning developer are obviously intent on taking the industry by storm, because their games are often designed with a great deal of care. In fact, their slots are so good that it is easy to forget that Playson were only established in 2012. It really does seem as though the company have been around for a lot longer than is actually the case. For example, just consider some of their other slots: 

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Legends Of Cleopatra: The best Ancient Egyptian themed slot? 

You would do seriously well to find another online slot that looks quite this good, as Playson have really smashed it when it comes to the graphics of this game. The innovative reel configuration also keeps things fresh and exciting, whilst also making it as easy as possible to hit some big wins. Legends Of Cleopatra really could be the best Ancient Egyptian slot game on the market these days!

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