The most insane student parties


The beginning of March for Florida is very insane time. The madness spreads around the beaches of Florida as many students come to celebrate spring break. For American students it already became a tradition, and the combination of words Florida and spring break – is a synonym to a party.

The insanity behind student parties

The student parties not only became an important part of young people lives, but also a part of American culture. Many Hollywood movies had their plots based on the student parties, including all wild things that you can even imagine. For instance, there is a place in Fort-Lauderdale, where thousands of students can have non-stop parties. There was an example in the history of this resort, when more than 100,000 students came to spend their spring break. Some local citizens, knowing this tradition, trying to leave their homes before this madness even starts. The rivers of alcohol, the unstoppable fun and music – are the main elements for such student parties. Of course, many drunk students getting into the troubles or accidents in that place. The interesting part that such tradition begun in 1950s and nothing changed since that time.

The main purpose of student parties – get drunk!

If you are not familiar with such event as a student party, than it is a good time to learn something interesting, especially through the articles of our essay writers. For American students a simple birthday can turn to be an insane party, including many people from the same college and tons of alcohols. The main idea of having such parties – to get drunk as fast as possible. That is why you notice that there is no food on such event. Moreover, each member of party must bring a drink (a bottle of wine, vodka, or other).

There are many legends and stories about student parties, and some of them became plots of popular Hollywood movies. So-called fraternities or sororities usually throw the most insane students’ parties. Such organizations are always present in colleges, and there is a tradition for new students: you must complete a whole list of challenges to become a member of this frat. If you succeed – you get an amazing chance to participate at the wildest parties and remember this for your entire life. The most important part of such parties – to get as much alcohol as possible, so would not have to leave the “house” for a few days. Almost every party has many games that always include the alcohol. The most popular game is – beer-pong. You have to throw a ball into your enemy’s team cup. Another game is called – Power Hour, where you listen to the music pieces that change every minute. Once it has changed – you must drink. There are many additional challenges that also require drinking, and you simply cannot avoid it if you decided to come. The style of your behavior is also simple – the worse you behave, the better you are for your mates. The drinking process on such students’ parties has always two phases: the first one called – break the seal, and the second one is – piss clear.

For many students around US, their student’s life cannot exist without such wild and insane parties. Moreover, the wilder you partied, the better you spent your college’s time.

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