Moving to Malaysia – Things to Consider When Choosing a KL Virtual Office


Malaysia’s multi-ethnic, multi-lingual melting pot is one of the next up and coming markets. Entrepreneurs interested in developing ventures from a wide range of industries might consider this fertile economic market whose only requirement is that you are exceptionally good at delivering your product or service. However, if you are not familiar with the Malaysian commercial real estate market, then seeking the services of an office provider is a good way to get your feet wet in the office space landscape.

With the office provider, they can fit out your business with the basics. Typically, when leasing a virtual office, you have access to conference rooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms, in addition to the use of IT services and office equipment that come along with the space. The benefits of using virtual office spaces are plenty, but not all virtual office suites are the same. When looking for an appropriate virtual office lease, consider location, size of the company, impact on relationships and your business’s profile.

Let’s take a look at the major factors to consider when looking to expand your ventures into the Malaysian marketplace.


Even in the mostly bucolic Malaysia, the physical location of your business is of import. For the most part, some of the really great office providers can fit out your virtual office with an address that sits in some of the most prestigious streets and affluent addresses. This factor is important because often these areas are often synonymous with being in a centrally located business district, which equates to foot traffic. With Servcorp virtual offices in Kuala Lumpur, you can provide your business with this type of visibility.

Centrally located, heavily populated business districts provide foot traffic through the feeders such as transit, shopping, and more significantly, restaurants. In addition to foot traffic, having your business in the vicinity of financial and trading powerhouses gives its image a boost. More significantly, it gives you access to valuable resources and people in the area.

Global Incorporation

Another consideration relates to whether the virtual office provider has offices around the world. Your company, as it grows, might need resources that will allow you to reserve conference rooms, meeting rooms and boardroom spaces inexpensively and quickly. A global outfit usually has offices in every major city in countries around the world, and if your business is one that requires you travel extensively, you might find larger office providers more appropriate for your business’s needs.

Relationships Matter

Like in many communities in the Asia market, the Malaysian community is one that fosters family relationships above all and where business relationships develop from friendships. Because the virtual office allows professionals to work independently and remotely, you do not want to find yourself in an isolation rut where you do not attempt to network or collaborate with other teams, both activities that promote business growth. To connect to this particular community requires connecting to people in the Malaysian business community that can plug you into other valuable resources and give you access to mentors.

Business Profile

The last factor one should consider before moving to this country is assessing your business’s profile. The virtual office typically works for businesses and teams that number less than ten, but other business formats find this office arrangement attractive. For one, start-ups who need to conserve enough of their start-up costs can benefit greatly from the virtual office, and this office format works for the self-employed as well because it provides businesses with the office infrastructure needed to function daily.

Careful Considerations

Moving to a new city, much less moving a business to a new area, can be a daunting effort. However, the virtual office has made it possible for businesses and professionals with stress-free overhead which allows them to reserve office space on an as-needed basis. In Malaysia, your virtual office suite could have your business up and running in no time and located in a place that promotes business growth.

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