The Details Of The Spouse Sponsorship Lawyers In Toronto, Ontario


Spouse sponsorship is one of the very crucial aspects of individuals. If you want to claim as the sponsor’s spouse, you need to be legally married to the applicant you sponsor. This is one of the mandatory rules as per Canadian law. If the marriage has occurred elsewhere, it should be legal according to the country where it had occurred. The various requirements and the documentation should be presented to the immigration authorities to consider this sponsorship. Here are the requirements that need to be fulfilled for the successful completion of the spouse sponsorship.

The Qualification To Be A Sponsor

The below requirements are to be fulfilled to qualify yourself as the sponsor to apply for the sponsorship of your spouse. You should be 18 years of age that means, you need to complete 18 years or above to become an eligible sponsor. You should be a Canadian citizen. There may be other kinds of legal formalities to be fulfilled based on individuals. This is case-specific and depends on the sponsor and the applicant such as different religions etc.

How To Proceed?

It is quite a challenging task for individuals to obtain sponsorship and to fulfill all the related documentation. It is quite a hard, tedious and time-consuming task for laymen to convince the Canadian authorities about your genuine relationship. However, you can employ the services of the Spouse Sponsorship Lawyers In Toronto, Ontario to make this task successful for you.

Services Of The Sponsorship Lawyers

The professional lawyers of the sponsorship are well experienced in this field. This team knows how to proceed to complete the process with efficiency. If you have issues in getting the sponsorship for your spouse, you can seek the assistance of this team of lawyers in Toronto. You will be relieved of plenty of documentation and legal complications. The expertise of this team can take away your entire burden and provide you great relief.

Qualification of the spouse relationship

Three types of individuals can be qualified to be a spouse. The details are given below.

Spouse – The couple must be married legally to come under this category. The certificate of marriage should be presented that is obtained from the relevant province.

Common-law partners – It must be proven that the couple must have lived together for a period of a minimum of one year or more. Then such a couple can be eligible to apply for the sponsorship visa. It should be proved by various documents such as joint accounts etc.

Conjugal partners – This is the third category that is eligible for the sponsorship.

Whatever may be the case or your need, the sponsorship lawyers can assist you to secure the sponsorship successfully.

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