The Common Cold: How to Make a Quick Recovery


A common cold can almost take over your life, as you will likely struggle with coughing, sneezing, sniffing, and a sore throat, not to mention a low energy level and a general feeling of lethargy.

While there isn’t a cure for the illness, there are actions you can take to get back on your feet. Here’s how you can make a quick recovery from the common cold.

Consume Many Liquids

There are a variety of reasons why you must consume many liquids when struggling with a cold. Drinks cannot only soothe your sore throat, but they can hydrate your body, break up congestion, ease headaches, and can thin unwanted mucus. You also should avoid drinking caffeine drinks and alcohol, which can cause dehydration.

Feed Your Cold

In order to feel like your old self in no time, you must aim to frequently enjoy nutrient-rich meals and snacks. As you will likely be struggling with a poor appetite, you should consume dishes you can tolerate, such as immunity-boosting soups and homemade broths.

Add Cold Medicines into Your Medicine Cabinet

There are numerous over-the-counter remedies that could help to ease your discomfort. For example, you could visit a discount pharmacy to stock up on oral spray or lozenges for a sore throat or decongestants for nasal stuffiness. You could also get pain relief for aches and fever as well as cough medicine or syrup.

However, you must follow the instructions on each medication to receive the appropriate dosage.

Ease a Sore Throat with Salt Water

If you are suffering from a painful sore throat, you should gargle saltwater. Adding half a teaspoon of salt into warm water every couple of hours will soothe the pain and can also prevent further infection.

Rest Up

While you might be eager to go to work or hit the gym, you must avoid pushing through a cold, as it could slow down the recovery process. Whenever you develop an illness, such as a cold, your body will need to work harder to eliminate an infection.

To ensure you provide your body with the energy it needs to do so, you must rest up as much as possible. This means calling in sick at work and pressing pause on your everyday routine until you feel much better. You also should go to bed early and take regular naps throughout the day, which can boost your immune system.

Stir Honey into Your Tea

A troublesome cough and a sore throat can exacerbate a cold. To soothe your symptoms, you should stir half a tablespoon of honey into a cup of lemon water or decaffeinated tea before bedtime. It could help you to sleep well in your bed each night and cough less, so you can wake up with more energy and improved symptoms.

So, if you are struggling with a cold, you should follow the above tips to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

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