How to get rid of Ingrown Toenails?


Whenever a toenail grows sideways inside the bed of the nail, then it causes an ingrown toenail. A lot of swelling and pain is caused due to an ingrown toenail. Several times there are chances of serious drainage being created, and the nail could get infected.

Reasons of Ingrown Toenails

There are several reasons which could result in a person in this condition. Some of the common reasons for this condition are participating in sports, being overweight, cutting your nails very short, diabetes, or even fungal infection in the toe can cause an ingrown toenail. This condition can also be related to genetics, and several people have been disposed to ingrown toenail genetically. Another common reason for this problem is when people wear shoes which keep the feet slightly damp or very ill-fitting shoes.

How to Prevent Ingrown Toenails?

The main thing that you can do to get ingrown toenail relief is to let your toenails grow a bit longer and avoid cutting them very short. If an ingrown nail is developed, then you can lessen the pain as well as prevent the infection by soaking your toe in hot water. You can also add Epsom salts or antibiotic soap in the water. It will provide more protection from infection and provide ingrown toenail relief.

There are various quick treatments which can lessen your pain of an ingrown toenail and help you to walk with comfort. You should visit a podiatrist if the pain is very severe and it is hampering in your daily activities.

Who is the best Podiatrist?

Ejodamen Shobowale is the best Podiatrist in Cypress, and she offers quality ankle and foot care to all the patients. Some of the conditions which are treated by her are plantar warts, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis as well as many other problems. She also does the work of performing some procedures like bunionectomies, hammertoe repairs, and various types of foot excisions.

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Dr. Shobowale is available for treating all the ailments of ankle and foot such as ingrown toenails, warts, diabetic foot care, painful calluses, and fungal toenails.

Some of the common problems

• Ankle Sprains
It has been found that there are approximately 3 million people who suffer from ankle injuries in the US. Ankle Sprains usually occur when the ligaments of the ankle are torn, or they are severely stretched. It is necessary to have medical attention if there is a fracture.

• Bunions
A bunion is a situation which occurs when the bone deformity occurs at the base of the big toe. This is the initial condition, and it gets worse due to the inward pressure, which is applied from tight shoes. Bunions are very painful, and in some cases, surgery is required to remove it.

• Hammertoes
Hammertoes is a condition when one or more toes of the feet have a bend in the middle joint. The chances of hammertoes are due to genetically inherited traits or even due to weakening of the muscles because of poorly fitted shoes.

• Heel Spurs
When there is a bony protrusion on the heel, it is said to be a heel spur. A Heel Spur is often mixed up with plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament. A painful heel spur can make it very difficult for a person to walk.

• Corns
Calluses and Corns are generally the hard layers of the skin which are formed due to friction. Usually, you will be able to find them in the areas which bear the most amount of weight or the areas which are rubbed frequently with the shoes. Soft corns are also found among the toes.

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