The Best Acid Reflux Gerd Treatment


The GERD disease can be easily diagnosed through its symptoms. The common factors responsible for acid reflux are consuming large meals, excessive weight, intake of snacks or food at the time of going to bed, going to the bed immediately after intake of a large meal, smoking, intake of fatty foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, tea, coffee, mint, chocolate, tomato and citrus fruits.

Symptoms of GERD

Some of the symptoms are regurgitation, heartburn, nausea, burping, bloody vomiting, black stools, dry cough, soar throat, hiccups and hoarseness etc. The best Acid reflux GERD treatment is to make lifestyle changes including habits, diet and lifestyle.

You should quit smoking and avoid alcohol. You should also avoid fatty foods, spicy foods, and should consume food at least 2 hours before going to the bed. You need to prevent intake of onions, tomatoes, drinks with caffeine, garlic and chocolate.

The esophagus gets inflamed or irritated due to the entry of stomach acids into the esophagus. Almost 20% of the people in the US are suffering from GERD.

Utilize Promotility Agents and H2 blockers to cure GERD

You can use H2 blockers and antacids, promotility agents, coating agents, and proton pump inhibitors for the Acid reflux GERD treatment.

It is suggested to use antacids such as Maalox, Gaviscon, Tums, and Mylanta for the Acid reflux GERD treatment. It is suggested to consume Histamine-2 receptor blockers such as ranitidine, famotidine, cimetedine and nizatidine to cure GERD.

You can also make use of the proton pump inhibitors including rabeprazole, omeprazole, pantoprazole, and prazole for the best Gerd Treatment. It blocks the production of certain enzymes needed for the production of acids in the stomach.

Coating agents including sucralfate provide protection from the stomach acids by coating the mucus membranes. Promotility agents including bethanechol, and metoclopramide promotes emptying of the stomach quickly by tightening the lower esophagus. However, you should only use promotility agents moderately for the best Gerd Treatment.

You can prevent the acid reflux by increasing hydrochloric acid production in your stomach. You can use the good quality sea salt instead of cheap table salt. The best crystal salt should consist of trace minerals and chloride. It is also suggested to consume plant based Betaine HCL supplement before intake of food. It is highly effective to prevent acid reflux.

Avoid Processed Foods

You need to avoid sugars and processed foods because they are responsible for creating the bacterial imbalance in the intestinal tract and stomach. It is suggested to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. You can make use of FloraTrex to balance your gut using useful bacteria.

Raw Foods are a source of Enzymes

It is observed that many people cook the foods at above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. It destroys the beneficial enzymes. Therefore, you can include raw and living foods in your diet to treat acid reflux. You can also make use of enzyme supplements such as VeganZyme.

Organic Aloe Vera for Upset Stomach

You can prepare Aloe Vera juice using the Aloe Vera in your backyard to treat diarrhea, upset stomach and acid reflux.

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