The Benefits of a Seamless Gutter System for Your Home


When choosing the guttering for your home, you will have two options: seamless or sectional gutters. Sectional is the traditional gutter design;it comes in multiple pieces that you link together. These pieces can be adjusted and cut to the length required and are attached using a sealant. However, technological advancement means that traditional methods must evolve and change. Now, a seamless gutter system is the better choiceover its sectioned counterpart.

What is a Seamless Gutter?

Seamless gutters are just that: seamless., one single piece of aluminum that is customizable to the specifications of your home.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Seamless Gutter System?

1.      Minimal Leaks

One of the biggest problems with sectional gutters is that they leak. As the sealants wear down, it allows water to escape through the seams. Without any seams, you won’t get that leakage. That means you won’t have to continually spend money on gutter repairs. Leaks can cause external damage to your house, as well as water damage inside your walls. Those repairs are even more expensive, and you can avoid them by opting for a seamless gutter.

2.      Fewer Blockages

Blocked gutters lead to damages, leaks, and a lot of work. No one enjoys getting up there and cleaning out a blocked gutter. The leading cause of blockages is the seams between sections. Since the seams are slightly raised, it can cause a back-up of water and debris. A seamless gutter will not have that resistance and, therefore, will not become blocked as easily. If it does get blocked, it’s much easier to clean since it’s all one single piece.

3.      Last Longer

While the metal of a sectioned gutter can last, the sealant and seams will wear down quickly. Since they often get backed up, it can actually cause the metal to bend and break under the weight of the blockages. A seamless gutter can last much longer, usually from 15 to 30 years. This long lifespan is definitely worth the investment.

4.      Easy to Install

Aseamless gutter is much easier to install. Since it’s a single piece of aluminum, it merely needs to be attached without having to cut multiple pieces and seal them together. The contractor will just need to come and take measurements and then build the guttering either on-site or off. It’s often easier to construct on-site since it’s a large, awkwardly shaped item to have to transport on a truck. As a result, you can expect the whole process to happen very quickly, often in a day or two.

5.      Overall Cost

Though the initial cost for a customized seamless gutter might be higher, it will save you money overall. Sectioned gutters are easily damaged and will require many repairs over time. Not to mention they become easily clogged, and you may need to pay for a contractor to come to clear them for you. By contrast, a seamless gutter is a one-time fee, and then you’re set for years to come. You won’t incur the costs of repairs and can keep the same guttering for up to 30 years.

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