3 Most Significant Reasons Behind the Popularity of Laptops


Laptops have gained immense popularity over the years, and it is for many relevant reasons. Such reasons are what can be considered as knowing what to look for when purchasing a laptop.

They may be like no-brainers to people who are aware of it, but they are still vital to know for customers who wanted to buy one and yet unknown. Let’s know the reasons why laptops under 30000 and others are so popular these days. Read on!

  • Portability, size and construction

The most obvious reason to bring home laptops is that they are preferred to desktops owing to their design and size. If you go by the design of a laptop, they are compact and smaller. Hence, they provide you with portability. To make the laptops even better, the hard disk drivers also contain as much memory and space as desktops and even more. With current technologies being used in today’s laptops, it is making the laptop the better machine than it was created earlier.

The best thing about the portability or the size of laptops under 30000 and more is helping students and professionals while being anywhere. They can be chilling out in a coffee shop or having lunch and yet be able to carry on their tasks. With a laptop in action, no one needs to rush home to check emails to be in the ‘back to work’ mode. Since their task is contained in a laptop, they can multitask from being anywhere. Portability, along with the size and design of a notebook, is one of the biggest reasons why laptops have evolved and are so successful.

  • Affordability

The next reason that is making people go for laptops is their price these days. Gone are the days when you had to spend too much on buying a laptop. Today’s laptops are categorized into different categories such as for students, for professionals and more. If you have basic needs, then brands like iBall are offering you laptops at around Rs.10,000 in India. Even the best HP laptop for students cost around Rs.20,000,30,000. Hence, if you were looking to buy a laptop in India, then the best thing would be comparing all models in your budget on a third-party website and choose the best one. There is no shortage of models in multiple price point and across brands in India owing to increased competition. Laptops under 30000 may have all the features that you were looking for without splurging.

  • Battery-enabled and easy to use web connectivity

Another reason behind the popularity of laptops these days is its ability to provide its users with enough power to last 2-4 hours without power. It runs on battery, and you also don’t need a wire to connect to the internet like a desktop. Hence, when you are bringing home a notebook, then you should ensure that it has enough battery power to last 3-4 hours. What’s more, it should also be able to charge the battery super quick, and you don’t have to wait for ages.

You are now aware of the reasons that make laptops so popular these days, especially compared to their desktop counterparts. However, before you begin to buy any of the best laptop under 30000 and more, you should consider your needs first. If you are an average user who does not want to indulge in editing and other heavy tasks, then a laptop under Rs.10,000-15,000 would be the best.

The next thing for buying a laptop that will be worth mentioning here would be shopping around the best models across brands. This way, you will be able to bring home the best laptop that will suit your needs perfectly.

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