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Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar is fast becoming one of the most used varieties used by Auto growers. The strain itself originates from AutoMazar and AutoBlueberry parents, which are also popular strains in their own right. We have found that both of these parent strains offer excellent yields with quite strong potency. The crossing of these strains has resulted in Blue AutoMazar, and it is possible to get these Blue AutoMazar seeds from Anubis-Seeds.co.uk, who offer a range of autoflower seeds.

We spoke with Ryan Maynard, who managed to yield around 200g from his two Blue AutoMazar’s.  He managed to germinate the seeds using starting cubes. We would highly recommend these cubes for the casual grower, and we’ve found that the cubes seem to greatly improve the germination process. They are relatively inexpensive, and represent a good investment for growing Blue AutoMazar. Key to the success of the grow according to John was using BioMix Fish Mix, which is a reliable mix to use, especially for a home grower.

John planted the two Blue AutoMazar’s in one container with a volume of 15 litres, filled up with Plagron Light Mix soil.  We admit that it is rather rare to see someone planting two automatics in the one container, but John is an experienced grower, and by planting in the same container, it shows how excellent results can be achieved no matter how you grow this strain.

John went about growing Blue AutoMazar using a bamboo cane.  This enabled him to set up his 600w HPS grow light for excellent light penetration into the plant canopy. This resulted in a number of mature blooms to develop to increase his yield.

John went on to say “I also did a bit of what is known as “super-cropping” to both plants. The results were truly unbelievable! I counted approximately 15 colas for each plant, and each of these colas were around 9″-12″ in length. I found that the buds of the plant were quite hard and filled with resin. I found the strain relatively easy to grow and this strain is therefore ideal for a novice grower, as well as experienced growers.

When using Blue AutoMazar, we noticed a really unique floral smell, which was quite zesty in nature. The taste of the strain is sweet when you first inhale, and when you exhale, you will notice a pure dank. The effect of the strain produces a long lasting high, with feelings of euphoria, leading into a relaxation phase. With over 200g yield from just 2 plants in 70 days, this strain is well worth growing.

For more information on the latest autoflower strains, check out https://www.anubis-seeds.co.uk/.

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