Business Tip-Off: How to Increase Your Sales Through Visual Merchandising Tricks


It is not a surprise that business is not a walk in the park. Instead, it is a walk through a stormy sea wherein you’ll surely get drowned by the waves if you do not know how to ride the tide. Business owners know that one of the significant challenges in this industry is getting customers through the door, which is why many invest in their visual merchandising, but really, some just fail to do so.

As most many businesses and retailers know, there is more to selling than one meets the eye. Did you know that the majority of the information our brains process (which is approximately 83%) comes in through a person’s sense of sight? How scary can that be if you’ve overlooked this fact, right? Now, if you have ever mulled over its importance, then this data should catch your attention.

Think about it. Every nook and cranny of your store is an investment which cost you money. Now, think of those areas in your store which has the potential to make you money by luring in customers. Wouldn’t that be great? Which is why visual merchandising is a time-tested retail concept wherein it attracts customers and increases sales. There are many tricks that you can use to optimize your store’s aesthetics. Here’s how.

Get Creative with Signages

One thing that you should remember and use it to your advantage is the versatility of signages wherein it can be either be directional, informational, or promotional. Signages not only helps your customer track your store down, but it also gives your customers the information that they need, when they need it. This one is technically your store’s useful go-to source of information, which helps out in sales marketing.

So, how can you incorporate all of these into your store’s signages? No need to fret, here’s how.

  •  Signages do not need to be always formal and boring, you can play with its graphics, iconography, or imagery to add personality to your store’s aesthetic appeal and lures in customers. May it is military signage to incorporate those camouflage colors or those neon signs to be funky, your signs can be creative while serving up the information the customers need— so be artistic.
  • Make sure that your signage is comprehensible wherein your customers won’t go squinting their eyes in an attempt to see a better view of your sign. Use large, bold, letters if possible.

Attracting Through Display Colors

Paintings, products, pictures, though different items there is one thing that makes them appealing to the eye: colors. Colors play a significant role in luring a potential customer in your store. Not only that but it has the power to evoke emotions to your would-be customers and influence the way your product is perceived.

Since our brains are hyper-visual, there are certain colors which attribute to one’s emotions, like green and blue is to relaxation or calmness, red and orange is to the warmth and strong feelings.

So, how do you use this to benefit your store? Here’s how:

  •    Make your store standout by going for the bold colors, may it be red, orange, or yellow. However, consider the store next to you. If you notice that their window displays are full of the said colors, try to go for a palette which creates different effects to make your store stand out and not go crashing with the other store’s colors.
  •    Make your products pop out! Use subtle backdrops like solid white or black to help keep your customer’s attention on the products that you’re looking to sell.

Tell Tales with Product Grouping

Who wouldn’t want an exciting story display with your products, right? If you haven’t thought about that, then think again. Your group products on display can attract customers attention by giving them ideas on how you can use your products by jumpstarting their imagination.

For example, if your product is about baking utensils then appeal to bakers and baking enthusiasts by placing cake servers and cake mix with intricate cake platters. Group these items well by basing it on their color and use then tell a story through a theme like an afternoon tea time or some birthday party.

If you’re wondering how you would place these objects together, don’t worry. Here are the guidelines just for you.

  • Rule of the three. Incorporate this rule when creating a display to capture a customer’s gaze since imbalance triggers the brain’s attention.
  •  Incorporate something that makes it almost seems out of place or odd. In this way, you will be able to make a potential customer stop and look twice.


If you are looking for something to spice up and make your store be like a diamond on the rocks, then these tips will surely help you out through and through. Always remember that imagination is limitless and with creativity, your store will be competing side-by-side with your competitors or would be on an advantage.

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