Story Idea: Clean Clip™ is the perfect portable hand sanitizer dispenser


Are you craving to be in complete control of your life?  To not worry about a virus when out in public? Our Clean Clip™ device can help you with that!

Have instant access to superior quality hand sanitizer – anytime,anywhere,always – with Clean Clip™

The durable and rugged Clean Clip clips to belts, purses, clothes, car visors, and more, for touchless hand sanitizing. The leak-proof, impact resistant, dust resistant, and water resistantClean Clip uses a rechargeable battery to dispense sanitizer without touch or cross-contamination. Just put the cartridge of sanitizer in the hard-shelled (pager-like) dispenser and clip on.

Imagine shaking hands again. If you had to rummage for your sanitizer in pockets or in your purse and pump into your hands, chances are you’d “elbow greet” people instead. Well, the Clean Clip™ is a game changer!

No more awkward social scenarios because seamless sanitizer delivery is instantaneous and natural before reaching out to touch someone. The Clean Clip™ dispenser is worn rather than being stored away somewhere.  By being clipped onto your clothes, purses, belts etc. you have continuous access to sanitizer at any moment in any situation! Furthermore, you eliminate the issue of cross contamination. No more need to use public sanitizer pump stations. Cringe!

People are resilient. We adapted our lives to this pandemic and we will surpass it. Masks might go in a year or two, but let’s face it, sanitizer is here to stay!  That’s why the Clean Clip™ is the perfect solution for right now!  It’s THE tool that delivers hygiene confidence at work, at play or while traveling. Heck, in all public scenarios!  Everyone you know will ask you “where you got this cool tool?” Imagine that!

Why not have a high-tech, military grade quality automatic pump hand sanitizer dispenser that is leak proof, impact proof, dust resistant, and water resistant?  The Clean Clip™ is made in Canada with BPA free plastic and 100% recyclable components.. It uses a long-lasting, USB-rechargeable battery to dispense moisturizing hand sanitizer, without cross-contamination. Simply put the hand sanitizer cartridge inserts into the hard shelled (pager-like) case and clip it to belts, purses, backpacks, or clothing. It’s high grade protection wear whenever you need it!

I would love to tell you more about the professional and talented team behind this innovative project and share more information about Clean Clip with you! Please check out their campaign page here, and thanks so much for your time! I hope to hear from you soon about working together on this unique story idea.

Now there is a high-tech hand sanitizer dispenser that is leak proof, impact proof, dust resistant, and water resistant! Originally designed for First Responders and the Military, now this PPE device is your instant access to sanitizer – anytime, anywhere!

Clean Clip is made in Canada and the US, from recycled and ocean-bound, BPA free plastic. It uses a long-lasting, USB-rechargeable battery to dispense hand sanitizer, without the risk of cross-contamination. Simply insert the hand sanitizer recyclable cartridge into the Clean Clip device, clip it to belts, purses, backpacks and on your clothing. It’s high grade fashionable essential wear whenever you need it!

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