Most Popular Fashion Hats & How To Wear Them


When it comes to accessorizing, wearing any type of hat is one of the best ways to upgrade your outfit to the next level. They are an especially important accessory for women, as they offer up a timeless and versatile opportunity for them to dress up anyway they like. However, if you aren’t accustomed to wearing hats, it can often be quite challenging to figure out what hat suits you and your personal style best. Additionally, it doesn’t matter if you bought some expensive hats from a luxury brand. Or some cheap custom hats. As most hats tend to have specific occasions that you can wear them, some others are highly adaptable. 

As a result, this can often lead to confusion for some people as to what hat is appropriate for what occasion. And also how best to style them with their respective wardrobes. As such, we decided to quickly dive into the many variations of hats that are popular these days. And also give you some advice on the appropriate ways to style each of them.

  1. Fedora


When it comes to the fedora, they are worn by both men and women. However, it was men who originally used to wear them. However, time passed and more women began incorporating this hat into their wardrobes. This is because they offer up a rather classy and sophisticated look to even the most casual of outfits. In fact, as time passed, more and more fedoras with different colors, materials and fabrics began being manufactured by brands worldwide. 

As a result, these hats have now become one of the most elegant and favoured choices for most ladies. They can often be paired with some floral dresses or blouses and even jumpsuits. Moreover, if you add on a nice set of sunglasses and rock some casual boots, you will have quite the chic outfit going for you.

  1. Beanie

Another good option that aisles used to be favored more by men than women is the beanie. It is an extremely popular choice for many reasons, especially during the cold winter months. This is because they are easily adjustable and can fit almost any head size. But most importantly, they often come made up of thick fabrics like cotton or wool, which does well to protect against the cold. Additionally, they are very versatile. Since they suit almost any type of outfit and come in a multitude of colors and varieties.

  1. Beret

If you didn’t already know, the beret originated from the European regions of France and Spain. They used to be worn as part of these countries military uniforms. However, as time passed they inevitably became a fashion staple for the public. The hats have no rim and as a result, are designed to just lay flat on your head. However, these are not to be confused with newsboy caps. As they can either be worn on one side or at the center. They also tend to be best paired with blouses, dresses and even pantsuits. You can throw on a leather jacket for some extra style as well.

  1. Baseball

When it comes to styling, no hat comes easy to dress than the baseball cap. It is for this reason that they are extremely popular with both men and women. However, unlike other hats, these caps tend to serve a very basic purpose which is to offer sun protection, without hampering mobility. This is why there are heavily used in most sports teams’ uniforms more than in any other industry. However, the popularity of these hats has grown exponentially over the years. It has even reached the point where many luxury fashion brands have begun incorporating wholesale printed hats onto their collections as well. It is also not difficult to make bulk purchases for some wholesale dad hats online either. As they are available to order in multiple colors and even custom designs, making them the most versatile form of headwear you can own.

  1. Cowboy

One of the first things that may come to mind with cowboy hats is a Texan ranger herding cattle on a ranch somewhere in the west. However, these hats have grown in popularity in recent years. It has even reached the point that even women have begun wearing them too. Whether it’s a matter of going full-on classic with some flannel shirts, denim jeans, and boots. Or add some extra flavor with some casual streetwear. For instance, wearing a white shirt, denim shorts, and some basic flats. Either way, these hats offer up quite the rustic and charming look all around

  1. Cloche

The cloche hat was extremely popular back in the 1900s in France, especially among women. However, as time passed many fashion designers began adding their changes and additions to the hat, thus shifting these hats into mainstream fashion. This resulted in many of these brands and designers adding their custom designs and embellishments, which made them vine more popular among women everywhere. In fact, they are often compared to the bucket hat and seen as the classic contemporary alternative. They are best worn with a one-piece dress, a floral blouse, or even some formal wear.

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