Step and Repeat Banners – 5 Things You Must Consider


You might not have heard about step and repeat banners, but have seen them in events. You have seen on television red carpet events, press conferences, and even trade booths. Do you remember them? Yes, these banners come with a branded background displaying one or multiple logos.

There are many traditional means of advertising when it comes to the promotion of your brand, products, or services. According to an article published in Huffington Post, banner advertising including vinyl banners is used by businesses to place them in a strategic position in tradeshows or events for maximum customer visibility. The same rule holds when it comes to step and repeat banners.

Though these banners look like an easy implementation, there are five essential things to consider before using them. Read on to learn more.

  1. Material

The material of the banner matters a lot when it comes to how the attendees like or accept your special event. The material quality must fine-tune with the kind of event you are participating in or organizing for your business. The durability and stability of the banner material play a crucial role in the success of brand promotion through these banners.

  1. Resolution

When it comes to these banners, they larger than ordinary prints and so, you need to figure out how the banners can achieve the best resolution. If your logos look pixilated or the images appear distorted, the entire goal of banner advertising is lost. Your prospective customers will not like to see a step and repeat banner looking tacky, which may distract your targeted audience from the brand message you want to convey using the banner.

  1. Setting up the banner

It is a process many marketers, overlook. Yes, the installation plays a pivotal role when it comes to the display of your banner in a tradeshow or event. For instance, when you have a banner that measuring 40 inches by 40 inches, think about whether your staff can handle this job of installing the display.  That is why you need professional installers to do the task with perfection. Therefore, always check the banner size, whether it can fit the event space or not, and things like that. Incorrect installation will harm your marketing efforts. Moreover, it is a sheer waste of your time as well.

  1. Branding

Most of the time, businesses use step and repeat banners for branding purposes. It means the reinforcement of a specific brand and building a strong relationship with sponsors or partners of the special event. Therefore, make sure that the banner adheres to the brand guidelines and includes every detail for the best results. Do not settle for anything mediocre, but perfect.

  1. Turnaround time

You need to have the perfect banner before the event. The designing and printing of the material take time. Therefore, you need to stay in touch with the creative and production team to learn about the work-in-progress. You need to meet the deadline, and that is what matters.


Keep these factors in mind when planning for your next event to boost your brand. Get the perfect step and repeat banner to promote your products or services.

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