Digital Textbooks Online Offer Affordable Customized Learning


Online digital textbooks are customized textbooks created to meet the needs of students from kindergarten to high school. Teachers and parents can use these digital textbooks online to meet the special needs of the public and private school curriculum and vocational schools such as homeschooling students. Teachers, homeschooling students, and parents have easy access to affordable, customized digital textbooks online. You can easily customize your student’s curriculum by combining and combining several different grade-level lessons and worksheets.

It also provides a bookshelf feature that allows you to customize your digital textbooks and save them online. These textbooks are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without worrying about lost or misplaced materials. The K-12 Customized Digital Online Curriculum is available in math, science, social studies, and linguistic subjects. Because each student is unique, one subject may require a little more special attention than another.

Online digital textbooks allow teachers or instructors to choose one lesson based on different grades. This means that students who are good at math can receive additional math from a higher grade level curriculum. You can add this extra level of math to your math curriculum to create a rewarding and exciting curriculum that is custom designed and exclusively created to meet the needs of your students.

It can also be customized to meet the needs of students who struggle with reading. If a student needs special attention when reading a special curriculum based solely on their needs, it can be easily created at the grade level. Students do not need to be retained throughout the school year as they require special attention to reading and other subjects. While using digital textbooks online, students can quickly catch up with or accelerate their ability to read at a grade-level appropriate for their age.

With a complete curriculum, you can find everything you need for a home school curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education. Elementary school textbooks, home school worksheets, k12 lesson plans, many online digital textbooks, as well as customized textbooks from experts on all subjects.

Smartbook is Norway’s best-selling Digital textbooks – 40,000 licenses sold. Smartbooks can be used both with and without the Internet.

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