Signs that the Timing Belt of your Car is Malfunctioning


The timing belt of your vehicle is an internal component of the engine that is responsible for rotating the cam and crankshaft of the engine in synchronization. It also ensures that each cylinder of the engine is firing at the right time. If you pop up the hood of your vehicle, you can find the timing belt placed below a timing cover which is right in the front of the engine.

The timing belt of a vehicle is made of high-quality rubber mixed with nylon-reinforced cords laid inside that help in extending the lifespan of the belt. Every vehicle needs a fully functioning timing belt to make the engine run its usual way.

Where Do We Find the Timing Belt

But the mechanics of the Chevrolet dealer Asheville countered that not every kind of engine will necessarily have a timing belt. The timing belt is mostly found in small cars and SUVs that run with engines that have smaller displacement. For the engines that have larger bore and stroke, there will be instead a timing chain system in place of a rubber belt made of hard metal that can withstand the force a large vehicle needs to move with.

Like every other part, even the timing belt can wear and tear over time. Hence the manufacturers will provide the car users with a predetermined recommendation about when to replace the timing belt while one has to also keep a vigilant eye on the warning indicators that there is a problem with the timing belt.

  1. Ticking Noise Generated from the Engine

When the timing belt of your car starts wearing off, it usually starts making a ticking sound that takes place inside the motor. This is a warning sign you must not ignore, even though the ticking sound can also be an indication for a low oil pressure in the engine leading to lack of lubrication.

  1. Engine Doesn’t Ignite

If the timing belt is worn out, the engine of your car will face difficulty in ignition after you turn the key repeated times. If the issue is really about the timing belt it can also cause other internal damages to several engine compartments.

In such case, you need to take your car to a specialized mechanic and get an inspection done. If necessary, you should replace the timing belt with a new one.

  1. Misfiring Engine

When the timing belt of your car is worn out it will also affect the fire rate of the engine. Mostly it will result into the belt slipping off on the camshaft drive and can also cause one cylinder to stay open or shut down earlier than it should. All this can cause the engine to misfire leading to even bigger and catastrophic damage.

  1. Motor Oil Leakage

The team of mechanics at the Chevrolet dealership Asheville concluded that a broken timing belt can also cause leakage of motor oil from its cover which is usually secured by a number of nuts and bolts that can get loosened or open over a period of time.

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