How To Make Money With An Airline Consolidator


Working with an airline consolidator is an easy way to increase your commissions and decrease the stress for you and your customers. Low net fares allow you to mark up higher commissions while still getting clients a deal. Consolidator fares also make it easier to upsell clients on premium classes. Before you book your next airline ticket, be sure to consult with an airline consolidator!

5. Airline consolidators manage large groups

An airline group is 10 or more people traveling together. When approached with a large group, your first instincts should be to call your consolidator. Airline consolidators help travel agents manage group flight bookings at lower costs and save valuable time by responding quickly to their group booking requests.

4. Airline consolidators help you upsell

Always contact your airline consolidator. Consolidator low net fares make the upsell more palatable for the client. Consolidators with a global reach allow travel agents to earn high commission on tickets across all cabins: first, business, premium economy, and economy.

3. Airline consolidators will expand your airline options

There is a great demand to book discounted fares. Therefore, travel agents find selling of international flight tickets as an excellent source of making high profit. Every travel agent has a collection of their preferred airlines. Consolidators already know the ins and outs of the travel industry and will provide you with insight from an agent’s perspective so you can make an informed decision that best suits your client’s needs and secure a good commission for yourself.

2. Airline consolidators have excellent customer service

When you need to make a last minute change or smooth over a wrinkle in the itinerary, you want an airline consolidator in your corner. These situations need a fast response to resolve queries on time. Therefore, travel agents should check for round the clock support from an airfare consolidator. This can save a lot of time as a consolidator will be able to respond whenever the help is required.

1. Airline consolidators are global experts

It is necessary to know how experienced an airline ticket consolidator is. Despite offering low fares some of the consolidators are unable to meet expectations of travel agents. However, a consolidator having more experience in the industry can serve far better due to its extensive knowledge. They can present the most effective solutions to travel agents to manage any uneven situations in a better way.

Have you still not chosen the best flight consolidator for your business? We hope that the discussion made above will help you select the right consolidator.

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