Reasons for Using Silk Pillowcases


The pillows are an integral part of the bedding. The pillows are used every day and when they are in used, they are in contact with your face and the hair. There are several different types of pillows. There are pillows that are used in the bedroom and are used daily. As the pillows are used frequently they tend to get dirty. Using a dirty pillow is not good for the hygiene. The pillows should always be kept clean and washed frequently. But it is not easy to wash the pillows. The lifespan of the pillows is often decreased because of frequent washing. Pillows are not a cheap investment, especially when you buy good quality pillows. The lifespan of the pillows can be increased by using the pillowcases.

The pillowcases are the protective covering which prevent any spills from getting on the pillows. The protectors also keep the moisture, dust, dirt, mites from getting absorbed in the pillows. The pillowcases are not just good for the hygiene of the users, but they are also good for the life of the pillows. With the pillowcases, the pillows do not need to be washed frequently. Instead of washing the pillows, you will just have to wash the pillowcases. The pillowcases are easy to wash.

There are several different fabrics used for manufacturing the pillowcases. Each fabric has its own specialties. One of the fabric that is used for making these protectors is silk. There are very few people who have considered their bed linen as a factor in effecting the beauty regime. Silk pillows will always be a great complement along with bounce-back duvets. The majority of the people chooses the cotton protectors for pillows. The cotton cases are not very good for the skin. There has been some research and it has been concluded that silk protectors can have a lot of impact on the skin of the user. They are also considered good for the hair of the user as well.

Here are some of the benefits that can be achieved by using the silk pillowcases.

Reducing the skin problems:

The researches have concluded that the silk fabric can help the people suffering from atopic dermatitis. It is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. The cotton material can be the cause of irritation for people suffering from this disease. The cotton has short and rough fibers which means that the texture of the cotton fiber is not very smooth and silky. In comparison, the silk has smooth fibers. This fabric creates the minimum friction which helps the people with skin diseases. The silk is an excellent fabric for decreasing the abrasions of skin and have a positive effect on the health overall.

Silk is not absorbent. Cotton is opposite to the silk. It absorbs all the excess moisture from the body. The silk fabric is not absorbent so the body is kept hydrated. Skin is also known as the heat regulator. It can keep the body warm in winter and cold in summer season. This feature keeps the body from getting dry and overheated.

Useful for anti-ageing:

The silk cases are useful for anti-ageing because of the essential amino acids that are produced by them. The face is in contact with the pillows and the silk covers can prevent wrinkles. The cotton fabrics are harsh on the skin. They can damage the delicate skin. The wrinkles can be prevented because of the weight of the head to the pillow. Silk has natural proteins and there are 18 essential amino acids in it. The amino acids are good at countering the effects of ageing. This has a significant effect on the facial skin. It has a calming effect on the nervous system. There is natural cellular albumen and it helps in speeding up the metabolism of the skin cells. This results in reduction in the ageing process.

Good for the hair health:

The silk pillowcases are also good for the health of the hair. It can be helpful, especially against the thinning of the hair. The cotton fiber has short and rough fibers.  These rough fibers can rub against the hair and this can create friction. The friction can result in damaging the hair. It can also break the hair. The silk pillowcases are very smooth. These cases do not cause friction between the hair and the fabric. The hair does a gliding motion which does not create friction. This fabric also reduces the chances of knotted hair and split ends. The hair just like the skin have to retain moisture. The silk does not absorb the moisture from the hair. By using these silk protectors, the production of follicles is also decreased and the hair does not get greasy.

Hypo allergic pillowcases:

There are several people who suffer from the allergies. The allergies can make the life very uncomfortable. But the problem can be solved with the silk covers. Silk is the fabric which is hypo allergic. This fabric is naturally resistant to the allergens. This fabric is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold and fungus. It is also suitable for people who suffer from asthma and eczema. The allergies can be kept under the control if the contact with allergens is reduced. The allergens are dust and different chemicals. It is important to wash the silk cover thoroughly so that it can effectively keep the allergens away. The silk cases can be washed in the machine. It is important to remember that it is washed on a cool and gentle setting. The washing powder that is used should be hypo allergic as well.

A luxurious experience:

The silk is considered a luxurious fabric. It does not just look beautiful, it also provides a good sleeping experience. It is very soft and smooth. It gives a luxurious feel against the skin. Sleeping on silk sheets and having silk pillows feels like having a massage each night.

Buying the best silk pillowcases:

Not all of the silk cases are manufactured equally. To make sure that you are buying the best quality material, make sure it is 100 % silk. The best type of silk is the Mulberry Silk. It is the smoothest silk. The silk fabric is sustainable and eco-friendly.

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