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How To Replace A Broken Glass Coffee Table

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The sleek glass table tops are easy to maintain and add elegance in any place. It brings depth into any room by reflecting light. Though glass coffee tables look beautiful, but they have a tendency to shatter under pressure. The broken glass is dangerous so it should be handled and replaced immediately. This is why experts suggest to adding a more durable tempered glass table top to prevent injuries and accidents. Consider these ideas to replace a broken coffee table glass top.

New Glass Table Top

If the glass on your coffee table breaks, you can replace it with the new tempered glass table top easily. Tempered glass is strong, durable and it rarely cracks, so it will be a good replacement option.  Follow these steps to replace the broken glass coffee table. Before replacing or ordering new glass table top, carefully measure the size and thickness of glass by using measuring tape. Then consider the durability, thickness, custom size, shape (round, rectangle, oval or any other shape), wave, Bevel or round edge and flat polishes.

Wood Table Top

Wood is more durable than the glass and adds a classic touch to modern interior designs. This is why it is a great option to replace a broken glass coffee table top  with the beautiful wood. Whether it is wood or metal frame, wood table top looks beautiful and nicely blend with any home décor. Measure the depth and buy a beautiful piece of wood and cut it to the size (broken glass table top size). You can also give some other dimensions such as long and oval instead of rectangular or round. Alternatively, you can also use particle board covered with vinyl cloth.

Stone, Tile and Mosaic Table Tops

Beautiful tile table top is another great replacement of broken glass. Whether you choose a monochromatic theme or a colorful bold pattern, tile topped table looks amazing and add a style statement. All you need is a water resistant plywood, cement backer board, tiles, tile spacer, grout and gloss finishes. A marble tile top table looks amazing and sturdier. If you love art and craft, considering a mosaic table top to make a style statement. Make sure that table frame is strong enough to handle the heavy tile top. The coffee tables with tile or marble top work perfectly in offices, and outdoor places such as patios.


If the base or frame is strong enough, consider replacing the broken glass with the padded seat. It will work as a seating bench in the guest room when more seating is required and also work as a coffee table when not in use. Cut a piece of plywood and glue the cushy foam (or durable material) with it. Then cover with floral or patterned fabric that perfectly matches your home decor. Then attach it to the frame with screws. If it is not heavy, you can leave it separate from the base.

Acrylic Tops

Acrylic sheet is lighter and more durable than the glass. This is why, it is a best replacement of glass. The sleek acrylic table tops are affordable and perfectly blend into simple and modern home decor. They are waterproof and perfect for outdoor places. It shatters into large pieces, so they are safe for children and pets.

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