Pro Tips To Pick The Best Writing Agency – Hear From The Content Expert Divya Gandotra


In the digital universe, content is that gravity that pulls everything together and maintains a balance. There’s no doubt in asserting that every business, irrespective of their size and structure, requires content writing services. Whether it is to create a brand or engage customers through social media, content plays a significant role in achieving respective targets.

“72% global marketers have found that relevant and quality content creation is the sure-short way to SEO success and the most effective SEO strategy” – Marketing Profs. 

But how do you find the best content writing services that can speak for your business and reflect its objectives? That’s where the need for a potent content writing agency comes into place. 

The growing market for content writing services has given rise to many agencies that are indeed doing a great job. However, it is essential to filter the options and find the best among the lot. 

In this blog, we are going to share some insights from a leading entrepreneur Divya Gandotra from Jaipur who runs a successful digital agency EMIAC Technologies Pvt. Ltd. She is a writer herself and knows the digital market’s nitty-gritty that has empowered her to take the company to greater heights. 

Divya Gandotra’s Pro Tips To Find The Best Content Writing Agency

Let’s hear it from Divya Gandotra, Founder, EMIAC Technologies, that how one should hunt for a good content agency. 

#1 Types of Content Services

What is the first thing you would look for in a content agency? Before you approach them, you would definitely look into their range of services. Yes, it is the first thing you must check in an agency and ascertain whether they can cater to your requirements. There’s no point in taking it further if they do not offer the type of content you need. 


“I once hired an agency for white paper writing. After sealing the deal, they had the courtesy to reveal they won’t be doing white papers. This was a major eye-opening incident for me. So, I always check the services before taking the talks forward.” – Divya Gandotra.

#2 Approach Towards The Clients

It’s not about how the agency greets their clients or what they serve at the first meeting, but it is about how resourceful they come across. When an agency is able to portray itself as a potential resource, you know they are worth a gamble. Without even asking, they should offer you a proof of their credibility, like portfolio, testimonials, writers’ experience, range of services, and more. 

“At EMIAC Technologies, we curate dedicated proposals and customized introductory emails to our clients that precisely answer their queries and respond to their needs.” – Divya Gandotra.

#3 Prompt Replies

No one would enjoy staying hanged up by an agency. If the concerned agency is taking longer than usual to reply to your queries and concerns, you should understand it’s the first red sign. You can never rely on an agency that cannot respond to you on time. Even in the future, this unprofessional trait can prove to be hefty for you. So, it is better not to take the deal forward. 

“EMIAC Technologies is always prompt with its replies to the clients. We provide round the clock support to our clients because it is the basic thing you can do to enhance your credibility and loyalty without any synthetic approach.” – Divya Gandotra.

 #4 Editing and Revision Policies

Final content is never final; there will be edits and revisions before it can go online. To avoid any inconvenience post content delivery, it is highly necessary to check the agency’s editing and revision policies. Are they willing to take up N number of edits and revisions, or they have certain terms and conditions for that? Being a smart client, you need to clear this matter at your first meeting. 

“We at EMIAC Technologies Pvt Ltd are always open to editing and revision as it not only helps the client but also offers us an opportunity to outshine ourselves.” – Divya Gandotra.

#5 Pilot Content

You cannot trust an agency’s services and credibility just by looking at their recent works, testimonials, and range of services. It is important to ask for pilot content in order to ascertain that the agency thoroughly understands your brand voice. Pilot content is a basic thing that every content agency must provide. If the concerned agency is refusing, you must take the cue for their unprofessionalism and move towards better options. 

“EMIAC Technologies always provide pilot content to the clients. A dedicated writer is assigned to the client who understands all the requirements and curates a customized pilot content to seal the deal.” – Divya Gandotra. 

So, that’s how it is done!

It cannot be emphasized more than content holds a special place in the digital marketing industry. Brands that have already invested in it are reaping its benefits. 

You need to be extra cautious while picking a content agency as all your brand value, and digital identity is dependent on the services, they are set to offer you. 

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