Making Friends in the College or University


Social life revolves around making new friends regardless of their backgrounds, localities, and tribes. You cannot beat the fact that a university or college has a range of students of all kinds, manners, and other critical characteristics. You will need to make friends, socialize with them, learn together, and even share with them different ideas as explained at Topics Base. Usually, one of the prettiest environments one can make friend with is at the college or university level. It that way because such institutions host a more comprehensive range of students. Therefore, completing your four-year or five-year program without making a friend would express some inconsistency in socialization.  

Finding friends at the university level is much more comfortable. You can make friends during the first week at college, or you can even opt to make them during the semesters. In this piece, we shall explore some strategic ways to make friends at the college or university level. It would help if you had no company while you can make enough friends at the university level. Unless you are anti-social, you should consider having one or more friends in the course of your studies. 

Developing friendships before college or university 

It is one of the common ways people make friends at university. Usually, this happens when college students have known each other for a while before attending university or college. There are cases where these friends get to learn in the same college. It is one of the possible sources of friendships at the college level. From a similar dimension, if two or more students were high school alumni, then there is a greater possibility of generating friendships. Get to know someone you are likely to attend the same college with and slowly establish a great company from scratch. It is one of the ideal ways to make friends at college. 

  • Making friends through events 

Most schools will often host several events that bring students together. It is a perfect way of creating friendships. In most cases, the first days at college involves orientation and information events where students gather together. In these gatherings, you can interact with students you have never come across—getting to know people in various schooling events one of the most typical ways university students use to create friendships. You can learn more about social connections on sociology homework answers.

  • Conducting a pre-visit to your designated campus 

Usually, most students prefer making early visits to understand their new study institution. It is through the visits that you will meet new people at the university. Feel free to interact, share, and even exchange contacts with them. It is a potential source of building outstanding relationships on campus.     

  • Making friends in “fresher’s week”

Most institutions welcome first years through celebration occasions, parties, and holding ceremonies. If you want to create new friends, this is a possible way of achieving your targets. You can help direct them and show them nature around as you make friendships. It is also essential to meet with other students from your faculty and share with them. It is also a perfect way of advancing the number of your friends. 


  • Hang around campus frequently.


Staying around campus will likely expose you to many people, hence increasing your potential for creating new friends. At the library, you can interact with reading mates and make friends with them. Sporting activities are also vital for making new friends. 


There are many people to meet at the university or college. Therefore, it is essential to consider making friends on almost every school occasion. Meeting friends doesn’t come automatically but comes with the demand for communicating and interacting with others. It is also good to make friends of all ages and kinds then learn how to interact with them peacefully. It would help if you, too, were cautious about the friends you choose as some of them may tend to mislead you into practices unacceptable in society. Your main aim is to select friends who are beneficial through your studies and even in life.  

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