Prescription Management Software: Simplifying Patient Management in the e-way


Patients management in the current time has gone way ahead that was done hardly half a decade ago. Gone are the days when the entire hospital administration including the doctors, nurses, clinicians, pharmacies, and even the patients themselves, were carrying heaps of prescriptions, advice slips, lab reports, pharmacy bills along. Patient and medication management has now gone the e-way with intuitive prescription management software. It has simplified the working of the whole ecosystem of patients, hospital administrative staff, doctors, laboratories, pharmacies and the patients themselves.

At the core of this practice management software lies the smart management of information that is disseminated among the patients, doctors, labs and pharmacies. As, in patient management one step leads to the other, the same protocol is followed in the software. The whole idea of a practice management software is not only to bring a process-intensive approach, but to bring in harmony, collaboration, accuracy, patient safety, and quality to the practice.

There are many check points in the process that is tactfully addressed by a prescription writing software. This includes, order entry, e-Prescribing, medication reconciliation, Lab ordering and monitoring, pharmacy and in certain aspect, medication administration. Let us have a look at how one prescription management software is making a big difference in the complex process of patient management.

Appointment Management

The very process of patient management starts with the appointment. The software entirely do away with the tedious task of making physical visits and lengthy phone calls to make the appointment. The same task is further simplified when the patient makes a visit to the hospital. Instead of manual entry in to the record books or offline computer systems, the practice management software beings the thread of information management right at the reception desk. The respective doctors are signalled about their patients’ records trough the software.


The process is then furthered from the doctors’ desk. All the details about the patients, their diseases, drug details, family history, allergy symptoms, and other vital facts are taken. Then, the doctors can make their analysis and advice medication or further diagnostic tests or surgical procedures as required. And, all these without using a piece of paper or a drop of ink.

Universal Drug Database

The main advantage with e-prescribing software is the universal drug database. Day in and out, there are a number of drug enter in to the market. Some of them are discontinued or banned from the system also. Many alternatives also arrive at the same time. Keeping manual track of all of them is mere impossible for an individual, unless timely and correct information is available. This is not the case with a smart practice management software.

Integrated Laboratory and Pharmacy Management

The role of laboratory and pharmacies is also well integrated in the practice management software. The thread of information is then forwarded to the respective laboratories and pharmacies so that necessary preparations are made in advance. And, imagine all these are done again paperless. The time factor is also managed in the optimum possible way.

EHR Management                                        

At the back of the whole concept works a robust electronic health record management mechanism. Once, the patient’s medical record is created, the software links it to all the departments concerned. Neither the doctors nor the patients have to worry about any loss of information or facts at any stage. Furthermore, it builds a rich eHealth record system for all the patients, who once come under the purview of the practice management software.







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