5 Things You Must Know Before Becoming A Successful Web Designer


Summary: While a profession in web designing is certainly interesting, you need to have a professional training from the experts before starting your career. Read this blog to know about the important things that you must know before becoming a successful web designer.

A career in web designing is certainly a rewarding opportunity in the recent times. From a handsome salary to job satisfaction, a career in this field can offer you everything that you could ever dream. But, just the idea of starting off a career in this field can be overwhelming and most importantly, you must have a top-notch web designing training, before you start looking for a job.

Here, we are talking about five important things that you must know before garnering success as a web designer.

  1. Get Familiar with the Design Process as a Whole

For a web designer, it’s important to know every facets of designing including the ones that belong to graphic designing as well. While these schools of design are pretty close, you need to know that web designing is way more different from graphics designing. A web designer needs to turn the text and images into a gorgeous website, while the graphics designers’ job is limited within the creation of images. This way, a web designer is required to be more logical while being creative at the same time. As a web designer, it’s imperative to have a proper knowledge of the following.

xColour – A proper knowledge of shades and hues help in establishing the required theme and motif on the website. Moreover, colours have a psychological effect. Hence, a designer needs to use the perfect colours that enhance the user experience.

Balance and proportion – Maintaining a balance is the prime focus when you are designing a website. As a web designer, you need to know all those elements that are essential for maintaining symmetry in the website.

Spacing- A web designer must be capable enough to place the elements in the website on such a way so that there’s enough breathing space. It helps in improving the look and feel of the website, while enhancing the user experience by ensuring good readability.

  1. Know HTML like a Pro

It’s basically all about coding. A web designer should be well aware about the HTML coding as it forms the basic framework of all pages on the Web. Proper HTML coding enhances usability factor of the website, thus improving its user experience. A designer with expert knowledge of HTML coding finds a better scope in his professional career.

  1. Get Knowledge About Important Design Software

A web designer is no less than a crafts person and hence he would need appropriate tools to effectively accomplish his tasks. Hence, the web designer needs to know about various design tools. While designing a website, a professional web designer needs to work with tools like Photoshop and Sketch in order to create mock-ups, designing assets including logos and images and the techniques of modifying and enhancing photos.

  1. Be a Pro of UX

UX stands for user experience and that’s one of the most important aspects of web designing. As a designer, you must make sure that the visitors of your website have an enhanced experience as they arrive. Hence, the web designer should be a pro UX designer too at the same time. Professional web designers are also required to build wire frames of the Web Pages to sketch out the key parts.

  1. Acquire Knowledge of Digital Marketing

Last but not the least is the knowledge of SEO and Digital marketing. While the skill set of marketing and SEO may seem more appropriate for a salesperson, it’s essential for a web designer too. With the growing needs of SEO friendly website, it’s become essential for the web designer also to include elements that make a website SEO friendly. The right placement of text, image, videos and also the navigation of the website are essential to make the website SEO friendly.

Web designing is certainly a challenging field and fascinating too. With rapid globalization, a variety of career options have rolled out in job market, which includes the fascinating career of a Chief Designer Officer, Chief UX officer etc. For such profiles, web designing is one of the principal criteria. So, a pro web designer can also see their career growth in these fields. Get yourself enrolled in a professional web design course to learn the pro techniques before starting a career in this field.

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