Perfect Promotion With the Best Brands


A promotion campaign includes several specific techniques, each of which contributes to achieving the goals set. Some of the promotion techniques work through personal communication, others through impersonal communication. Some of them directly stimulate customers to buy the company’s products, others indirectly. Some act in the short term, others cause long-term effects.There are many pen brands that you need to make use of now.

The main forms of promotion are:

Advertising: a form of impersonal commercial presentation of the organization and its offer, with long-term action and impact especially at the level of image, characteristics of the organization and its offer, as well as at the level of public trust in the company or products presented.

Public relations: a set of techniques, often interpersonal, which have the main purpose of developing the long-term image of the organization by changing the possible distrustful attitude and developing a favorable behavior of the company and better collaboration with various components of the environment. This indirectly encourages sales and increases customer satisfaction.

Sales promotion: a series of methods that lead to increased short-term sales by generating immediate material benefits for customers.

Brand: the development and use of a distinctive sign that represents the organization or offer and which is associated with a series of symbols and quality characteristics meant to lead to the rapid recognition and increase of trust in the company or product.

Promotional events: the use of a wide range of promotional techniques in exhibition-type events that have the main purpose of presenting the organization, but also contribute to the direct stimulation of business

Sales forces: the use of agents to present and sell the products or services of the organization without intermediaries, constantly maintaining contact with customers and the environment.

Sponsorship: supporting and associating the organization with various events or people in order to develop and improve the image of the organization.

Direct marketing: a promotion technique through which the organization directly addresses a large number of people in order to determine them to carry out a certain action or only to inform them about changes or current or future activities organized by the company.

In most cases, the promotion techniques briefly presented above act in a complementary way, so it is mandatory to associate them in a promotional mix in order for the respective promotion campaign to be effective and for the organization to optimally achieve its objectives.

The choice and combination of the most suitable promotion techniques for a certain situation is made according to various factors, the most important being: the characteristics of the target audience, the resources of the organization, the present image of the company and its offer. Also, the establishment of the promotion mix is made taking into account a series of ethical and moral considerations.

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