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Best Looks for Your bathroom Now

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Now, with the arrival of the heat, it’s time to implement all the renovation and redecoration plans you made during the cold season. Thanks to the longer days, the team of workers will be able to work more hours, and due to the high temperatures the paint, gluing solutions and mortars will dry and harden much faster. But even if it’s hot outside, the grades aren’t so high that it’s unbearable to work with, which is why spring is the perfect season for construction.Of course, like many others, you are unhappy with the bathrooms in your apartment. Unfortunately, the budget you managed to accumulate during the winter months is not very large and you are afraid that this year you will not be able to implement your plans.

Make a plan

Making a plan is the first step and, at the same time, an extremely important one that you must do when you decide to start any renovation operation. Regardless of the room targeted by these remodels, without a well-planned project in mind, you will not know where to start and where to go.

Also in the planning phase, it will help you if you set a certain budget to fit. If you know exactly how much money you spend on the entire renovation, then you will be able to dedicate certain funds and set some limits for each sector. For example, X dollar will go to tiles, Y dollar for the toilet bowl, Z dollar will be dedicated to the bathtub and the rest, if you still have available, you will change the lighting fixtures and the mirror.

Remember to consider all the components you want to replace, such as faucets or bathroom furniture. This way, you will not wake up with surprises during the renovation, and the budget will be divided exactly as it should be.

Although at first glance it might seem counter-intuitive to turn to interior designers or architects when you are thinking of remodeling a bathroom with little money, most of the time, the amounts requested by them for such projects will not be very great, but the ideas they come up with will prove incredibly useful. In addition, they will be able to calculate exactly how many tiles you will need, thus managing to save money that you would otherwise throw away on extra materials. But of course, if you know exactly what you need and how you want the room to look after renovation, you will be able to do without the help of a specialist.

Leave the pipes where they are

If you do not want the redesign of the bathroom to be surprisingly expensive, our advice would be to leave the water pipes and the entire pipe in their current positions, if they are in perfect working order, of course.

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