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The man was a wanderer. He was always wandering from here and there in search of food. At a later point in time, he learned to settle. Still, his wanderlust and curiosity led him to find new and beautiful places that nature had to offer. He also moved on to create the wonders of the world inspired by the glorious marvels of the Creator. You may find small specimens of these monuments and even their paintings online

Art is the expression of one’s self in line with the universal consciousness so that most of the people could identify themselves with the artwork. Travelling could be the most exhilarating and refreshing experience for the mind, body, and soul. With that, if we mix the satisfaction of art in it, we have the perfect recipe for a trip to remember and cherish. Here is a list of places to visit and treat your eyes and soul with breathtaking artworks:-

  • Hagia Sophia

The meaning of Hagia Sophia is Holy Wisdom. Originally, it was built as a church or cathedral for Christians in the sixth century A.D. in Constantinople situated at Istanbul in the state of Turkey.

The facts that make it intriguing are that it was built as a church as Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire. The territory formed was a part of the eastern Roman Empire. It maintained its sovereignty even after the fall of the Roman Empire. Thereafter, it was captured by the Muslims and was converted into a mosque. However, they didn’t destroy some Christian iconography because of their sheer and ensnaring beauty.

It was built in the year 532 A.D. At that time, the state of Constantinople was being taken over by the famous Nika Riots which means victory. The citizens of the place were distressed and enraged on higher tax rates imposed by their emperor Justinian. The uprising was tackled with brutal measures and suppressed.

Originally, it was built in a small span of six years but due to structural and designing lapses its voluminous roof fell from time to time. So, it was again rebuilt and that structure has been standing for 1400 years now. The intriguing feature of the dome is that the whole structure is made from mortar and stone without using iron or any other material.

  • Louvre Museum

How many of you are Dan Brown fan? Whomsoever has read or watched Tom Hanks featuring a movie of the same name, The Da Vinci Code, must be familiar with the exquisiteness of the World’s Largest Museum. It is situated in one of the most premier locations in the city of Paris, France. It resides on the right side of Seine River.

The museum was a castle originally built in the 12th century. It was completed in the 13th century under the reign of Philip II. It was converted from a fortress into a permanent residing palace for French kings in the 15th century. It was extended over some time. Louis XIV left to shift the palace of king to the Palace of Versailles. The Louvre was then left for displaying of the royal collection of artwork.

Thereafter, the building remained with two institutions for another hundred years. Finally, during the French Revolution under the reign of Louis XVI, the National Assembly declared it as a museum that would be used to exhibit the national treasures. It houses some of the most sought after and pristine artworks like:-

  1. I.M. Pei’s Pyramid
  2. Mona Lisa
  3. The Code of Hammurabi
  4. The Coronation of Napoleon
  5. The Venus de Milo
  • Badami Cave Temples

If you are a fan of cave paintings and Indian traditional art, then this is your dream destination. The Hindu and Jain temples are made by cutting rocks into a structure that houses magnificent pieces of artistry carved from the sixth to the eighth century. They are located at Badami in the District Bagalkot in the state of Karnataka. The place erstwhile known as Vataapi was the capital of Chalukyas. It is situated in the Malaprabha River valley.

It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Pattadakal and Aihole. It is known for having clusters of temples belonging to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahavira. It is believed by many historians that the first cave was built around 578 A.D. These are some of the famous sculptures housed in the Badami temples:-

  1. Trivikrama- It is a sculpture of Lord Vishnu in the form of a dwarf.
  2. Natraja- It is a rock-cut sculpture that depicts Lord Shiva along with his son Ganesha and Nandi.
  3. The sculptures of Harihara, Vraha, and Narsimha.
  4. The images of Ganas in the Third cave.
  5. Statue of Lord Mahavira, 24th Tirthankar of Jains.
  • Palazzo Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio is situated in the Republic of Florence and is of great social and cultural importance. It is across Piazza Della Signoria. Piazza Della Signoria houses the Copy of Michelangelo’s Sculpture David which was carved by him on the commissioning of the Medici Family. In the 12th century, the people felt to build a palace that would be fit for defense purposes and would also stand as a mark of the state’s solidarity.

The present Palazzo is made on the ruins of the palace of the Uberti Families and a new Palazzo was made on that place to ensure that the Uberti family is not able to rebuild their home at the same place where their home earlier stood. The original Sculpture of David stood at its entrance from the 15th century to the 18th century. After that, due to restoration purposes, it was relocated to the Accademia Gallery. A replica of David now stands at its entrance with Hercules and Caucus from the 19th century.

Following works adorn the walls and ceiling of the Vecchio made by Vasari, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci:-

  1. Battle of Cascina
  2. The Taking of Siena
  3. The Conquest of Porto Ercole
  4. The Victory of Cosimo I at Marciano in Val di Chiana
  5. The defeat of the Pisans at the Tower of San Vincenzo
  6. Maximilian of Austria Attempts the Conquest of Leghorn
  7. Pisa Attacked by the Florentine Troops

These destinations would fill your heart with awe and wonder. The palaces and temples stand as perfect examples of the might and power of the human mind. Whether be it statues, sculptures, or paintings, all of them offer a treat to the eyes and panacea to the wanderlust. So, pack your bags up to delve deep into the ancient marvels created by mankind. At one place you will find the finesse of masonry in the form of Hagia Sophia and at the other, you would be beguiled to witness the largest museum in the may find the artworks housed by that and paintings online, but what is not seen by the eyes is not cherished by the heart.  So, are you ready for the adventure?

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