Brand Popularity Across the Globe: Interesting Cases


One common disposition within the general public in 2019 is continually jumping to conclusions. We all know the right answer, right? Irish people love potatoes and sushi is the only food consumed in Japan. In fact, much of the assumptions we make, are incredibly far from reality. That said, there are certainly some buying habits that we would never guess. This is particularly true when taking into consideration major global brands, who operate in various markets. If people appreciate a brand, they appreciate it, regardless of their locality, or where it’s from. Of course, there are certain examples of situations across the globe in which brands will completely revamp their products to make them more sellable, such as Cadburys.

In this article, along with Lookers, who offer an official Land Rover Service, we take a look at some of the worlds most interesting facts regarding brand popularity.

Fizzy fanatics

Despite its heritage roots in the US and America’s sheer love for the fizzy drink, it isn’t actually the biggest buyer. To find the biggest consumers of Coca-Cola you have to look a bit further south, down to Mexico. The demand for Coke products in Mexico outstanding, with the impressive consumption of 728 per capita! This massively outweighs even America who are the runners up at 402. No other country even comes close to these Coca-Cola fanatics. Of course, this is including all coke products rather than just their iconic eponymous beverage. When a company makes over 3,500 beverages, then it’s bound to up its number of consumers.


A pint of the black stuff and the Island of Ireland go hand in hand, married together like fish and chips however, it isn’t actually the biggest consumer. In fact, Guinness is more popular in Nigeria which is the beverage’s second largest market. Most people associate this popular drink with cozy Irish pubs or rowdy St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. This all seems completely at odds with its hype in so many African countries.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind Nigeria’s affiliation with the drink is due to the fact that Guinness actually has three of its factories on the continent of Africa, one of which is in Nigeria. This explains the love of the drink over the African continent but, despite this, the UK still retains the top spot for Guinness consumption (with Ireland coming in a disappointing third place)

Land Rover of the Dragon

Major automotive brands such as Land Rover are continually expanding into new markets. Despite these vehicles being quintessentially British, China has recently become their biggest market and their demand in Asia is ever-growing. One possible reason for this is that many Land Rover models such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque have been manufactured in China since the early 2000s. This increasing rate of manufacture has been reflected in the growing Chinese market.

Scotch or Irish?

An Irish bar on a cold winters evening? Perhaps, a Scottish distillery or the famous Edinburgh whiskey tours. Ireland or Scotland are definitely the nations that you’d assume loved this drink the most, but they have been pipped at the post by a surprising rival: India.

Studies have, since 2015, reported that India consumes nearly a half of the world’s supply of whiskey. To put it another way, that’s almost 1,600,000,000 litres of whiskey each year!

We must point out, however, that India’s vast population does contribute to its title of champions whiskey drinkers. When it comes instead to whiskey consumption per capita, France takes home the trophy. On average, the French are known to drink more than two liters per person per year.

Kik-Kat in the Far East

Nestle’s chocolate extraordinaire, Kit-Kat is one brand that has excelled across the globe. Over in Japan, this tasty chocolate bar is adored and hugely popular. In fact, Japan is so obsessed with this snack that they currently sell it in over 80 different flavours! You’re familiar with the Kit-Kat chunky, dark chocolate and white chocolate, right? But have you ever tried flavours such as soybean, Earl Gray tea, Camembert cheese, baked potato and cucumber? I thought not! Okay, some of the flavours don’t sound quite as scrumptious as the others but, they are definitely interesting.

From peat-smoked whiskey to peat-bogged SUVs, the world is awash with brands which have ventured out of their comfort zones and taken over other markets!