Ishqbaaz 2 January 2017 Full Episode 172


The story is about the regular day to day existences of a rich business family, the Oberoi family who confront troublesome and testing circumstances every once in a while. The family comprises of two siblings and their spouses. The senior sibling Tej has a spouse, Jhanvi who has a drinking enslavement in light of Tej’s illegal issue with his secretary, Svetlana.

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Tej and Jhanvi have three youngsters. Their senior child is Omkara, a stone carver and an independent very rich person who likewise has a background marked by medication utilize. He is an understanding individual and abhors his dad. He was additionally included an association with a young lady named Riddhima yet said a final farewell to her later on. Tej and Jhanvi’s second kid, Rudra, is a coquettish person and a playboy who is a wellness oddity and loves celebrating and ladies, in any case, he doesn’t trust in the idea of marriage. He is well disposed in nature. They likewise have a little girl, Priyanka whom everybody calls ‘Prinku’. She is a calm, sweet and basic young lady who gets anxious truly effortlessly in view of her social nervousness issue. Tej has a more youthful sibling, Shakti who is hitched to Pinky. They have one child, Shivaay, who is the eldest child and the substance of the Oberoi’s business. He is a business big shot with a strict identity that matches his uncle, Tej. He is presumptuous, bombastic and judges individuals on the premise of their heredity and societal position, instead of their identity or work. He doesn’t have confidence in affection yet is locked in with a young lady named Tia Kapoor on account of her high class and status. Shivaay has a feeling of dependability towards his family name. Both, Tej and Pinky, need their particular children to acquire the business and in this manner wind up battling each other. Indeed, even subsequent to everything the three cousins impart a surprisingly solid attach to each other. They both love their grandma and Priyanka.

Shivaay runs over a working class young lady, Anika who deals with a providing food business to bolster her embraced sibling, Sahil and close relative who thinks about only cash. The two are constantly occupied with feline battles due to their disparities in feelings and class. Then again, Omkara goes over a young lady named Ishana. Ishana is a Gujarati young lady who is conning Omkara and the Oberoi’s for cash. The most youthful Rudra is likewise required in feline battles with a young lady named Soumya. Soumya is a Maharashtrian young lady raised in Chandigarh and has a Marathi complement. Soumya is the granddaughter of a dear companion of Rudra’s grandma thus she remains at the Oberoi chateau for a brief timeframe. She is low maintenance radio moderator known as ‘Adoration Holy messenger’ whom Rudra truly loves without knowing it is really Soumya.

Anika is rung by Dadi to organize Shivaay’s marriage with his life partner, Tia and along these lines remains at the Oberoi’s house more often than not.

Shivaay is constantly stressed as an insane lady, Gayatri arranges numerous assaults on his family trying to vindicate the demise of her significant other who was a representative of the Oberoi’s business. Dadi and whatever is left of the family consider Anika as family as she generally saves them from numerous issues. Amid this time, Omkara discovers Ishana’s genuine truth and she in this manner allows the Oberoi’s to sit unbothered.

While Omkara and Rudra attempt to help Shivaay and Anika fathom their misconceptions for each other, Mallika, Shivaay’s ex touches base at the Oberoi Manor asserting that she has fled from her wedding with Sidharth Vikram Rana, Shivaay’s business match. Pinky, Shivaay’s mom is against Mallika and her choice to remain in the Oberoi house. Amid Mallika’s short remain at the chateau, Shivaay and Anika clear their mistaken assumptions for each other.

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