Chandra Nandini 2 January 2017 Full Episode 61


The main scene of the show begins with Bharatmata presenting the show Chandra Nandini as the story of Chandragupta Maurya and Nandini, his better half and also the little girl of his most prominent adversary.


Moora, the spouse of Suryagupta, the lord of the little region of Piplivana, is pregnant with Chandragupta. Suryagupta alongside his better half are welcomed by his companion, Lord Shishunaga of Magadha. At the royal residence, pregnant Moora is charmed by a kindred “napit” (stylist), Nanda. For his wrongdoing, he is whipped by Rani Avantika, spouse of Shishunaga; yet later it is uncovered that Avantika and Nanda are planning together to get the position of authority from Shishunaga furthermore Shishunaga’s 9 children through Avantika are really Nanda’s. Suryagupta and Moora came to think about this yet couldn’t mindful Shishunaga about this hopeless truth as he (Shishunaga) had as of now been murdered by Nanda and the fault is put on Suryagupta. Nanda executes Suryagupta too and Moora escapes into the wilderness where she conveys Chandra and shrouds him in a goshala far from the grasp of Nanda. Chandra is then embraced by a typical woman named Kanika. Then again, Moora is held hostage by Nanda, who has now turned into the head of Magadha and has accepted the title of Maharaja Maha Padmananda and has hitched Avantika. He proposes Moora for marriage, however she rejects his proposition offending him. She cautions Nanda that her child will deliver her retribution on him and if Nanda would have a girl, his little girl should languish over his wrong doings too. Before long Avantika brings forth Nanda’s little girl, Nandini.

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